[Co-designer seeking] [Discussion] [SFM] DCFM


I just finished watching the entirety of the DCAU and now i wanna make DCFM rly bad

I’d prefer just the supermagicians but would be down for all of DC alternatively if that’s what my co-designer would prefer.

I have no concept yet but atm im on fanboy overload which is why i made this thread

Pls ping me if u know dc at least a little bit and would be down to help, ty :pleading_face:

@TheBlueElixir are u down to help?

I really want to co-host

but I don’t know what this is

I know design is a big part

but if its not crucial then heck yeah

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It’s not crucial at all lmao

the DCAU just refers to all of DC’s animated movies from “The Flashpoint Paradox” to “Justice League Dark: Apokalyps War”

Lemme make a designcord and invite u; tysm :blue_heart:

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I don’t know if that’s discord/forum topic/something else completely but ill follow you there

It’s a Discord server but he gives it a fancy name.



tbf at this rate your DCFM still happens before mine

plus the DC is completely different lol

What does ur dcfm stand for lol


why thank you

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I can help.


Want me to add you to the designcord @Alice?
We’re already far enough along that if you join I guarantee you will not be able to play as the game will be closed

I think I better just play the game since you already have a co.

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Yup. We’ve developed an idea faster than I thought we would have
Blue is cool so far

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blue looked at the randomizer OP and found like 5 things we missed in weeks of design in less than an hour

hes got a good eye :wink:


TBE best boi