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Class types and sub roles


Just a tendency I’ve noticed. Every class type has a job. Then you have 1 basic class that does that job in a pure and generic method, 1 secondary that does the same job but with different methods, and then 0-2 specialists who have a different job but are still clearly the same type. Examples:


Job - Find scum

Primary: Sheriff
Secondary: Maid

Specialist: Princess (leans who you are but doesn’t know if you are scum or not)
Specialist: Observer (learns what you did but not if you are scum)


Job - Keep people alive

Primary: Physician
Secondary: Chronomancer

Specialist: Court Wizard - Prevents non-killing effects rather than attacks


Job - eliminate scum

Primary: Knight
Secondary: Hunter

Specialist: Prince - Keeps people coordinated and makes suicide plays relatively ineffective


Job - Slow down scum

Primary: Butler
Secondary: Drunk (might be specialist)


Job - facilitate communication

Primary: Mystic
Secondary: Noble (might be specialist)


No u


But what about player’s job?


Yes me


What about players job?


What about the evils? Does it apply there as well?


Sort of?


?boj sreyalp tuoba tahW


Make the list


No special? HMMM


I specialize with being special.


If you say so


You can count on me, partner.


I’m not a partner , I’m a sunflower. I don’t fight , I make them sunny bois.


For making such statements you should feel lucky you didn’t say it in Texas.


But I don’t fight. I fricking make sun.


Who said you’re going to fight? They would just use their guns.


Where is your peashooter now, eh?




Job - Find kill/convert targets

Primary: Marshal
Secondary: Duchess

Specialist: Handmaiden (Finds NK in particular
Specialist: Nightwatch (Learns what people are doing)


Job - Secure Kills

Primary: Enforcer
Secondary: Sage

Specialist: Timesnatcher (Speeds up actions)


Job - Falsify results

Primary: Illusionist
Secondary: Aristocrat

Specialist: Herbalist (shut it he’s social. Not my fault they never got to fixing it) (Falsifying external information rather than results)


Job - Slowing down invests

Primary: Servant
Secondary: Poacher

Specialist: Alchoholic (Utilizing enemies)


What about Mastermind?

Is he specialazing with being special or what?