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Class Suggestion


The Gaurdsman
Unique Blue Dragon Killer:hocho::shield:
Passive - Duty Calls - Immune to most occupation and redirection abilities
Day Ability 1 - Intimidate - Disable a players day abilities today (2 uses)
Day Ability 2 - Dishonor - Select a person if they attack you tonight remove one use from all limited use abilities (2 uses)
Night Ability 1 - Way of the blade - Select 2 people if the first visits the second attack the first (Infinite uses not useable Night 1)
Night Ability 2 - For the King - If the King uses Guards! tonight kill anyone visiting The King

Converts into
The Outlaw
Unique Unseen Offensive:crossed_swords::shield:
Passive 1 - Greed is eternal - You cannot be occupied or redirected when using Steal
Passive 2 - Reward money - When you are killed or Executed the person who killed you or first upped you will gain back all uses of limited use abilities
Day Ability 1 - Threaten - Disable a players Day Abilities today (1 use)
Night Ability 1 - Steal - Steal 1 uses of all limited uses abilities from a player and gain a use to all of your abilities (2 uses)
Night Ability 2 - Showdown - Stand in front of a players house anyone targeting them will instead target you. you will be immune to death to any attacks you redirect (3 uses)


Ahh a gaurdsman. No ability to gaurd?


Lol tru

It’s supposed to be like a general gaurd and also he acts as a gaurd for the king


Not sure how much I like intimidate, it’s a bit too confirmable.


Change bewilder to this?