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[Class Suggestion] Thief (Neutral Offensive)


This class might be hard to code/incorporate but it will work kinda like the reaper. Where they are driven by gathering gold. They will start with 25 gold at the start of the match.

Passive 1: Driven By Money - Occupation and Conversion Immune
Passive 2: All About the Money - If you run out of gold you will commit suicide

Day Ability 1: Bribe - Spend 50 gold to force pardon yourself
Day Ability 2: Hire Help - Spend 20 gold to be immune to death tonight

Night Ability: Robbery - Steal gold from a player causing them to bleed. Gold received depends on player class.

Win Condition: Have at least 100 gold by the end of the match.

Some of the gold costs might have to be tweaked probably but for the Robbery ability if it is a Royal Blood or Cult/Unseen member you will steal 25 gold you cannot rob the King and any other class you will steal 15 gold. You will not be able rob the same person twice in a row. I also don’t know if the bleeding should cause death in 1 night or 2 night but I think it would help make the Physician a little more useful with more healing needed to be sent out.


I would like to say that conversion immune isn’t an passive abillity.

But overall concept for a Neutral Offensive is interesting.


What classes?


Tbh I would imagine RB’s to have most gold

King as well. maybe even MM?


At the bottom I said that Royal would probably have the most money so they’d give more money and the Unseen/Cult would also have some money to fund themselves so they’d give more as well.


Oh lul



Here’s a few suggestions.

I like the day abilities using his resources, but I think we should avoid weird increments. I also think they should both be a flat 50 each. This kind of barrows from Reaper, but the idea in general does already. Also it might seem expensive, but I have an idea for that.

For Robbery, I think gold stolen should be 75 for Royal Blood and 25 for non Royal Blood. This might seem a bit much, but with the offset of both day abilities being 50 gold, this creates a bit more balance with the gold and can make finding and targeting Royal Blood players even more beneficial.

I also don’t like the bleed on Robbery. The Theif wants to build up money, not kill off his targets. I think what might be better is a simple occupation, maybe let it occupy through immunity. Then add a secondary ability, and allow him to rob and kill the target. Maybe 2 charges?

As for the rest of the character, I think starting out with 50 gold would allow the thief to either play greedy and not be immune n1, or play safe and spend all their gold for a night of immunity. This adds more risk in trying to track down royal blood players.

I’d also probably make the Win Condition either 150 or maybe 200 gold. Just to offset the new gold increase.

Overall, I really like the concept, but I think a few tweeks to numbers would be needed, but it could be a nice Neutral Offensive class.


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