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(Class suggestion) Thief and Blacksmith






Passive 1;
Bankruptcy - If the Thieve steals from you twice than you will die the next day

Passive 2;
Big business - you are death immune once, you are occupy and redirect immune

Day ability 1;
Extra guards - if the Thieve tries to visit you than they will be occupied [2 uses]”

Day ability 2;
Banned - Select a player, They will lose one of their abilities if they attempt to visit your target tonight with Open Shop [2 uses]_

Night ability 1;
Open Shop - Select a player, you will set up shop there. if anyone visits the shop than they will regain 1 use of all their abilities. Shop remains there for two days.
(You will be alerted when the shop is no longer available, showed with icon next to name of player) (If the player dies with the shop on them, then the shop will no longer be available) (No one will gain any abilities if the player who currently has the shop on them is imprisoned)[4 uses]

Night ability 2;
Close watch - select a player, if the thieve has visited that player than you will know which night they did_[unlimited uses]_

Win Con - Survive until the end of the game





Passive 1;
thieve since birth - You are death immune once

Passive 2;
Natural thief - When someone attempts to occupy you, it will appear as you are immune

Day ability 1;
Special delivery -Select a player, at the end of the night they will gain an extra use of all their abilities. (NOTE, can not use this ability on the same person more than once, you also can’t use this on the person you just stole from) [0 uses]

Night ability 1;
Robbery - Select a player, you will steal one use of all their abilities. When you do than you will gain a use of your Special Delivery ability. (Will not be able to steal from the same person twice) (CAN NOT use this ability again unless you successfully use your day ability Special Delivery [unlimited uses]

Night ability 2;
Close watch - select a player, find out where they visit tonight and if they are support**[unlimited uses]**_

Win Con - successfully steal from 4 people, if you steal from the Blacksmith twice than you will also win

Thieves replaced abilities:

Day ability 2;
Quite steps - you will not be detected by any of the Blacksmiths abilities. You will also not be detected by the observer [2 uses]

Day ability 2;
Quite steps - prevent anyone except you from visiting the Blacksmith tonight [2 uses]

Why i made this:

i would like some classes in the game that messes with your limited abilities. This can affect game play. You also have a decision on who you want to work with. Blacksmith or thieve, or even both. One major example is if youre playing as poss and you get another use of your jump. These classes right now arnt perfect and i would like feedback. As of right now there is no reason not to out as any of these classes but i would like to see what people think of them. Originally the Thieve had to steal from the Blacksmith twice but than it ran into the problem of what if the blacksmith dies early. Tell me if any typos too… thanks!


Coming up on Law and Order; Man to angry to die. But first, we have a new ship to analyze, presented by the Worshipper of the Holy Lord Tachanka.


Thats pretty cool, gotta check other abils if balanced tho

Cool, cool. Harder version of SS

Bypasses Occupation Immunity or nah?

They lose ability uses or actual ability? If its second option then maybe change to lose for 5 days as trolling would be soo real with this

Thats cool, though I get the feeling BD would not like this class, as unseen can easily regain 2-1 or Frenzy

Buuuuut a reason for bd to keep this class around. Thats cool.


still sleeping

Ok, ok.

But… you still get occupied? Thats a reverse Can’t touch this.

Thats coolio though, but dont know why needed

Cool Idea, reverse blacksmith

Now we get to find Blacksmith as well. Yippee yi yay partner

f for the poor blacksmith

Have to say, Interesting dynamo duo. Also cool it messes with limited abilities, and glad that both sides have reasons to keep both around. Yeah old style of winning seemed bad, too much of Sorc and Inq. But seems cool :+1:

Also new ship spotted


Haha loved the way you did that! So overall would you say these are decent? Also would you make any changes to any of the classes?


You also did all the notes for me lol. I was going to make notes explaining the reason behind all the abilities but it seems I don’t have to anymore. Thanks for that?


> Thieve


the singular is thief


okay I get it. English isn’t my first language. So it’s thief right?


So class good?


well I do want these in the game, but I think change the whitesmiths win con. none of it’s abilities are helpfull to survive. like make it so your shop needs to be visited 5 times (banned people counts as 2) etc etc
EDIT: yes I like Thief too and they would make a good couple because you can’t just claim d1 and redsmith needs something to get rid of the thief not only find it


The point of the blacksmith isnt to get rid of the thief, it’s to avoid the thief or delay him long enough that they just don’t bother with him.


WAIT so you can’t steal from same person twice but win if you steal from blacksmith twice??? As thief


I’m pretty sure they mean you can’t steal from them twice in a row. not to mention your ability is disabled until you do a special delivery


Exactly. Should of made that more clear


I seriously doubt they ever add this. last time I checked they removed more classes overall than added classes. But this is interesting. steal 4 times successfully or steal from the blacksmith twice. This makes it pretty feasible as a goal, since almost every class has some limited use ability yet there should be enough influx of other classes to tempt the thief to try and go for the blacksmith. The blacksmith on the other hand had abilities designed to make stealing from him or his good trading pals as hard as possible, At least to a point where the thief might just not bother and steal from other people rather than potentially lose the game trying to go after them constantly. Though just a tip, I don’t think a thief should be able to use special delivery on the person he just stole from, it’s like stealing from the museum and coming back the next day to return what you stole not to mention trivializes the thief since he can just out himself day 1, steal from someone before the blacksmith gets them and give them a special delivery. repeat this four times and you win, and the BD will at worst probably kill you if you decide to steal from the prince, HECK you could give the prince more executes in return for him not killing you. which is interesting considering you can steal from ANYONE with a limited ability regardless of who they are, The thief could go literally any direction except NK, while the blacksmith is essentially an old pre patch heathen alchemist that gives stuff to people during the night. The thief as a standalone class is interesting. the blacksmith seems more like the free mini dlc added on top.


Since I started playing they have removed 3 classes and added 9


Added a note about that. Good catch


Nuc, what do you think about the classes


Feels pointless


How so


The point in these classes is for a way to gain abilities and possible lose abilities. It also has you working with some new neutral classes which we could use more of. Read some of the other comments posted here too. They make some good points on these classes. I also can say that the merc class is pretty pointless. Has no real reason to be in the game, should be reverted to merc with contract