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[Class Suggestion] The Wraith - Neutral Killer


More by having lots of information and an unusually good claim for an NK


A non-occ immune Butler / Drunk? Or kinda obs?


Yes. Remember if he get’s occed then he will obviously know about it and even know exactly who he needs to kill…

…idea! One sec


Ok added a new night ability that should help


Definitely helps, but you would have to hope someone else dies the same night you’re occ’d since you can’t stop them from occing you again.

Also lol @ the idea of using HH to make Wraith ravage themselves.


Yeah. Nothing to say there


Considering that you are the NK. I would EXPECT someone to die the night I’m occupied.

Also my standard practice as butler is that when I think I’ve stopped a kill I do:

Occ (no kill)
Occ someone else (if a kill:)
Occ again (And if no kill again)
Occ again again (and then accuse if no kill)

that way I won’t accidentally chain occupy someone when there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the missed kill. If they are confirmable I would have given them at least 1 night to prove


That’s fair, but another way to do it is occ until there’s a kill and then swap. If no kills in 3 nights then you’re either really unlucky or a killer, but admittedly I haven’t done the math on it to see whether that shakes out.


The issue there is that if I’m assassin and I miss a kill for 2 nights (cuz immunity or something) then I’d often no action the 3rd night specifically to frame someone being chain occed. Additionally doing that means if you were occupying a, observer or something then you just denied them access to info that could prove their innocents where if you just waited then you could save them.


Sure but that relies on nobody else dying or being killed at the same time.

But this still can’t rely on Butler or Drunk as a claim unless there are no occupiers left, since once it exists people will check to confirm.


I know. But now he has a way to prevent that information from getting out so he can make SURE there are no occupiers before making his move


How? If he’s outted in a way that isn’t the Butler/Drunk checking him, he’s dead if they decide to verify it. And if it’s a confirmed Wraith game via phys exhume they’d definitely check.

Maybe I’m worrying too much about a specific scenario


What do you mean?

Like accused or just asked to claim?


Whatever it is. Remember that it’s counterbalanced by immunity to maid and resistance to observer and princess


Yeah, like jailed, mystic linked or put on the stand.

He really is only immune to maid - he still shows up as k/o and being followed by obs means he’ll be something that doesn’t visit which is… like nothing? Hunter? So I guess he uses ravage on any of those investigatives that visit him.

Oh how’s his passive ability interact with frame?


Passive resolves first. He would appear Unseen/Cult

I said resistant. Not immune.

Obs doesn’t see him visiting the kill target and peeks him as BD. Princess returns non-attacker on wisp and he can fake offensive instead of just killer.

And yeah ravage


Oh his day abilities count as visits?


No they don’t But his night kill doesn’t either.

I mean say 4 (wraith) attacks 7

Obs watches 7

Obs will not see 4

Reaper and Sorcerer can be outed this way, but Poss and Wraith cannot


Normally obs has 2 chances to catch a killer per night (watching the killer or the attacked). But here he only has 1


Right, but he will see that 4 didn’t visit anyone which is super important information since there aren’t many classes that don’t visit. Hunter is the only offensive claim that has a reason to not visit (bear).

Also how’s that interact with Party / Merc guard? Psycho King has occ immunity so it goes through, but I imagine this would get metaphorically stonewalled?