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[Class Suggestion] The Wraith - Neutral Killer


The Wraith :shield:

Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Intangible - Immune to bleeding and death. You appear as a Blue Dragon to investigations
Passive 2: Astral Recordings - Each night learn the exact class of anyone who visits you

Day Ability 1: Fear - Target player will be occupied tonight. If they are immune you will know. (unlimited)
Day Ability 2: Terror - Redirect your first target to your second. You cannot redirect someone to themselves (unlimited)

Night Ability 1: Haunt - Send a projection to kill target player. You will not be seen as visiting. The projection will die in your stead if you would be attacked (unlimited) (works like Killer guards on psycho king)
Night Ability 2: Ravage - Kill target player. Bypasses death immunity. Their logs book will be empty to everyone else, you may read their real logs (2 uses)


@Firekitten be proud. I made a neut


Say something! Don’t just like it and leave me here ;(


Only classes or numbers too?

Also, will you be seen as visiting for your day abilities?



You would get stuff like:
5 is Physician
8 is Maid
2 is Butler
You were occupied!


No. They are day ability’s


So yes an obs can out you by finding you not visiting the guys you claim to occupy


I’m proud


No immunity to death? Seems a bit weak


It should be seen as it’s xurrently weak tbh


Wait never mind just read the kill ability


You sure about that?


The projection thing is exactly like psycho king. So it will tank a Bear or Knight defend


Add an e and this class is fine




Th Wraith?


10/10 class good buff with the name change


How’s this win endgame?




So by having neutral allies?