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[Class Suggestion] The Witch


There needs to be some mechanic to keep process of elimination and the power of flips at bay. Enter the Witch with the power and goal to obscure flips meaning the class, logs and death note will not be revealed upon death.

The Witch :shield:

Neutral Social
Magician at heart (Passive) - The Witch is night immune unless she self-targets with Curse. Upon death obscure your flip.
Curse (Day) - Mark target player and occupy any non killing classes visiting this player tonight. If target player dies tonight, obscure their flip. - Infinite uses
Trollbox (Day) - Make it look like a player says something. They will not see the message. - Infinite uses
Slander (Night) - Mark and frame target player. If target player is lynched tomorrow, obscure their flip. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to survive and witness 3 obscured flips possibly including your own.

This is a neutral chaotic that is basically the living embodiment of the death mini game in ToL making it require skill in that way. It fulfills the duty of giving new more original claimspace that a defile cannot bring. Defile gives a fixed static false flip. An obscured flip can be anything. Especially one coming from a neutral as opposed to being given to a specific evil class. Is it the Prince or the Mastermind? Some might know and will be able to use this information to their advantage to manipulate the court. Simultaneously, it is not the biggest threat to Blue Dragon. A hopefully true neutral in that regard similar to Fool and Scorned. A Witch fakeclaim could even be feasible to keep Blue Dragon off your back. (Trollbox might need to be substituted to that purpose though)

Yes, I realize the new Scorned is similar to this, but believe it or not, I thought of this idea independently on my trip a month ago or so. The Witch fulfills an unique function however. If it is seen as too similar the night mark+frame could be changed to something else and only Curse could be kept similar to how a Support would act now with the goal being only 2 obscured flips as opposed to 3.

Alternative flavour could be a Graveskeeper.


Actually it’s called ignorance. BD just doesn’t know the value of POE till late game tbh.


Honestly the defile system accomplishes this function already but better. This only helps the problem in games where they spawn. Scorned, Herbalist and Possessor add uncertainty to ALL games


Reaper/Sorcerer games are really easy to identify. So are Cult games. A defile is a fixed false flip that can be useful, but an early obscured flip can be reinterpreted more creatively later on. If a knight CS’es to “prove” for example, an obscured flip can cast doubt on him. Things like NK deaths or unseen/cult deaths being obscured can stop BD with “there must be 1 assassin left scenarios, oww king is evil!”


Isn’t this just a harder scorned?


Calm thyself


No, it’s not, because it has 2 abilities that can “mark” a player as opposed to 1 ability.


It’s like making sellsword with only stonewall that wins with nk

Makes it harder and adds less to it?


It has a different win condition and function than Sellsword. Do you not agree that obscured flips could be beneficial to the game?


Yes. False flips do it better


yes but scorned does that wtf is the point in this class is my point

legit it’s a kind of different scorned that’s hard to win.


Scorned does that in the way such that Scorned fills in exactly what the flip is. Evils cannot manipulate this to their advantage. Only the Scorned benefits from this manipulation.

It’s not harder to win with when it has twice the opportunity and only 1 target more to go including the fact that it can play like a fool and have itself be the final target.


False flips are made at a set point in time. Obscured flips can be filled in at any point in time. They are more flexible whereas false flips are more convincing. One is not better than the other, especially when every evil can make use of obscured flips and only the specific evil making the false flip can usually do something with it.


You didn’t ask that. Your question was if it was better for the game. Not better for the class.

False flips are better for the game because they add doubt even when the relevant classes don’t spawn. It is conceivable to trick someone into thinking a flip was defiled when it wasn’t.


I’m not saying to remove Scorned and replace it with this. Sometimes it is beneficial to have a flip confirmed tampered with because it removes the burden of having to convince the court of that first, before actually making a specific point.

If you falsely flip somebody as assassin, you can’t suddenly unflip him and make him a hunter. With obscured flips, you have more tangible flexibility.

But I can see it’s not a popular idea, so I’ll just let it fade into the netherworld of class suggestions.


Actually you can. Simply convince people that the Assassin was a Hunter who was tampered with


Bonus points for doing that with a real Assassin


Good luck with this though.


He was the converted hunter!