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Class Suggestion: The Vampire


Faction: Neutral, Killer
Win requirement: Must kill all members of the main factions in order to win.
One with the Night - Your night abilities do not count as visits.
Vampiric Resilience - Death immune & bleed immune.
Day Abilities
Vampiric Charm - Force a player to vote for another and prevent further voting from them.(3 uses)
Vampiric Hearing - Listen in on all whispers today. (2 uses)
Night Abilities
Bite - Bite a player, sucking them dry of their blood, killing them. (Infinite uses)
Swarm of Bats - Attack a player and occupy all players visiting them. (2 uses)


Clicks off page in fear of ToS
realizes this is a ToL suggestion, not an official class on the wiki

I think “Army of the Night” sounds better.

Remove the at night part, newer players might get confused he could be bladed/wolfed/ruptured during the day

Thats ok

Thats cool, easier to fake claim


You mean occupy visitors? Prevention got yeeted out of this game, except for Pronce


Imo it doesn’t add anything new to the game. It’s just a class that uses other classes abilities to become an underpowered maybe ok class.





Maid as a day ability

The regular night ability kill which sorc and alchemist both have along with assasin.


Sell sword stonewall + regular kill
( or Wall of fire)