[Class Suggestion] The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector

Neutral Support

Passive (Royal Blood) - During the election for a new King , votes for you count twice.

Day Ability (The Adiart’s Treasure) - If The King uses a different ability besides Guards! , they will become Immune To Death tonight.(1 Use)
^ Optional: They will be cured of any Poison/Bleeding.
Day Ability (Tax Evasion) - If the target uses a day ability , it will be applied to you too.(4 Uses - If they used a day ability before you used this , it will still apply to you. If they used a day ability after you used this , it will still apply to you. You will not be notified if the target has used a day ability. You will not be notified of the day abilities’ effects , except Poison/Bleeding. If used on The Prince’s Imprison , it will have no effect.)

Night Ability (Pay up!) - Select two players. They will switch Passives. (Infinite Uses - This does NOT include Death Immune passives unless you target yourself. After 2 nights , the passives will switch back to normal. |2 Days Cooldown| - You will be notified if you have gained any new passives)
Night Ability (Collector) - Select a player. That player will die instead of you if you get attacked.(1 Use)
Goal: Survive.

You should make it like real life, where everyone wins if the tax collector dies.


This look neutral offensive to me tho…

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