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[Class Suggestion]The Seer/The Witch


Class Name: The Seer
Class Type: Blue Dragon Investigative


Day Abilities
The Book of Knowledge | You can ask The Spirits a Tier 2 Question tonight.(2 Uses - Not Usable until D3)

Night Abilities
Ask The Spirits | You may ask The Spirits a question. You will gain the results the next night.(2 Uses | You will gain 1 use back if your target dies | Can not target the same player twice | You may only asks Tier 1 Questions.
Silenced Foe | Whatever ability the targets uses tonight , it will also be used on them.(2 Uses)

Class Name: The Witch
Class Type: Unseen Support


Day Abilities
Sealed Lips | If one of your Unseen members would get executed today , they’ll appear as the chosen class.(2 Uses)

Night Abilities
Spell of Confusion | Choose a Class Type. All players with that Class Type will be occupied. Bypasses Occupation & Redirection Immunity.(3 Uses - Does not work if The Assassin is Occupied/Jailed/Redirected.)
Silenced Foe | Whatever ability the targets uses tonight , it will also be used on them.(1 Use)

Tier 1 Questions(May only be answered with “Yes” or “No”)

Is Player’s class Class Type?
Is Player a(n) Class?
Is Player evil?
Did Player visit Player this entire game?
Does Player have any passives?
Does Player have any day abilities?
Can Player target 2 people?

Tier 2 Questions(These will be randomized - You will need to select 3 players)

How many Neutrals are in this game? (15% this will be picked)
When was the last time Antagonist Converter converted someone? (2% this will be picked)
What Neutral Killer is in the game? (18% this will be picked)
What killed Player1 and Player2? (30% this will be picked)
What did Player1 get his from abilities the night they died? (15% this will be picked)
Is Player1 Converted? (5% this will be picked)
Are Player1 and Player2 the same class type? (10% this will be picked)
Who’s evil from Player1 , Player2 and Player3? (5% this will be picked)

RNG is a good game mechanic.
Change my mind.


This is mad overpowered by the way




Play enough Triple A titles and you’ll learn to hate RNG


This is underpowered. Typically 4 night abilities and 0 day abilities that do things to other players makes the class boring. Make the tier 1 infinite uses.

Also I cannot see tol adding a input mechanic where you type a question in and get a response it would have to be word for word and copying for some people is tough… therefore, this imo would not be a tol class but rather an fol class of added


Le thanks.


So I win?


RNG means that:

A: It is impossible for someone else to know what you got. A big part of this game is predicting how someone is likely to act and attempting to play around it, especially late game. Having an action literally be RNG means that no matter how good you are at predicting the player you cannot properly counter play their action.

B: It means that any outcome is less satisfying because you were never given any method of making a smart choice. If I chose a target correctly then I can feel like I played well (even if it was effectively random), but if I’m assigned a target (or in this case assigned a result on a target) then it doesn’t feel skillful to get the desired result

C: It makes the ability to unreliable to use. If something has a chance of failing without outside interference or poor targeting then proper play is to assume it will fail and not use it.

D: It is inherently swingy, the later in the game it is the more swingy it is. This is why RNG is only used in startup. You want to minimize swing as much as possible. Given an obvious right answer (perceived or actual) the person making a decision will make that choice almost every time. However RNG means that you instead have a game where you get it and a game where you don’t. Because of how balance works an ability using RNG needs to be potentially stronger and potentially weaker. This causes games where you get streaks of good luck and dominate with the class. And other games where you get streaks of bad luck and are useless.

Both cases are bad and thus RNG is bad.


I read this as Maximize and I was like wait what


Maximum swing is just a chance of an insta-win vs insta-loss




If that argument doesn’t change your mind, I wonder what will. :upside_down_face:


It isn’t.

I will give you a cookie if you agree NAO.


i agree.



ok now fix the class to not use RNG for another one