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[Class Suggestion] The Ranger and The Bandit


But then what happens if I take it?


According to the rules of the game when I get converted to the cult I can take some of the ability’s and passives of my choice. So what happens if I take guilt?


It sounds like a good trade for cult tbh. That’s a fantastic passive


Taking Guilt allows the converted Ranger to truly be empathetic to the people he is killing, adding an extra layer of nuance to the story. This is in part due to his tragic backstory wherein he shot a guy in the knee.




Idea: remove guilt, instead put it as a property of archery and then give him the following passive:

Desperate shot (Passive) - If you are killed at night then loose an arrow at your marked targets.

Some other ideas:

Let Mark self target to remove ALL Mark’s and give Gather Arrows an additional use


I don’t like that at all

Seems stupidly likely to frustrate literally everybody


Cult Alts
2 cost cult alt (Guilt alt) At any time, the Cult Leader may choose to pass on leadership to yourself, making you the new Cult Leader. They will not be able to use abilities after doing this, and they will die at the end of the phase.
(Broadhead) Cult Leader’s Blood of Mithras will bypass immunities tonight.
(Gather Arrows alt) Chose 2 players. If one of them is attacked tonight by a non-cult member then you will attack the other. - 2 Use
(Archery alt) If the Cult Leader’s conversion fails or they use Blood of Mithras, you will shoot their target for them instead. Does not count as a visit. - 2 Uses
(Mark alt) Mark a player for death. If a player has three marks, you will kill them bypassing everything. - Infinite Uses




Sure why not

I’m not even gonna read them I literally do not care


If I take this ability and not the mark alt then what does it do?


Actually Nuke you can make the Cult alts

I trust you


Absolutely nothing

I’m not sure what to do with Alts so I took it in two directions

If you have better ideas go for it


That’s stupid. Cult alt’s are supposed work in isolation


One sec


Yep :^)


Chose 2 players. If one of them is attacked tonight by a non-cult member then you will attack the other


Oh yeah. Your guilt alt is also useless


“The cult leader can now kill himself and you don’t get any other ability’s. Too bad so sad”



Don’t take it

Unless you wanna style on the BD to prove how much they suck