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[Class Suggestion] The Ranger and The Bandit


Maybe if we get to host SFoL game where we can put Ranger+Bandit to put use for testing?


That’d be sick but EFoL just started lol


SFoL is the testground regardless.


I’m saying it’s bad because the only times I really imagine it being used well would be when they carefully select a target to kill and end up being a worse version of knight.


Except they’re much better at clutching out an endgame, except their method of doing so is offensive (as opposed to Hunter who is defensively good at clutching). It fills an entirely seperate niche, and while a Bodyguard is pretty much always going to be more useful in general than any Killer, don’t dismiss killing a Mastermind/Neutral Killer and taking out up to three scum in one night (getting three may be hard, but narrowing down a suspect pool to three people and catching two scum with it should be more common).


The issue is that it takes 3 nights of setup for a total of 4 nights.

In that time a Knight could have already killed them


I’m like 99.9% that’s the point


But Knight has no margin for error

Clear a suspect pool in the wrong order and you’re down two BD

This will never suicide, and can clear swathes of people in one go.


Still, if you think it’s too weak, I can always give it a slight buff to be in line with what you said lmao


There we go

Now it’s 1 KPN on marks, with a second use of Gather Arrows

Now it’s probably OP but whatever lol


@NuclearBurrito opinion

also this needs to be in fol for the lolz


Bullseye (Passive) - Your target may not be changed, even by an ability that goes through redirection immunity.

This seems to go against the simplification theme. Didn’t the devs say they don’t want anything bypassing immunities anymore?

Blackmail (Day) - If your target uses a day ability today, they will use it on themselves. This includes abilities that take effect the following night. (2 uses)

I like how this makes it riskier for a Hunter to wolf to confirm himself.

Crossbow (Night) - Shoot a bolt to kill your target. This does not count as a visit. If the Assassin attempts to carry out a kill, you will instead shoot their target for them. (Infinite uses)

This is very cool. If I understand correctly it lets the Unseen attack even if the Assassin is jailed or occupied, but without increasing their KPN?

To be honest, I think Ranger is too strong of a killer for a Blue Dragon class, and should be nerfed in some way by making it more challenging to successfully kill, although I have no specific suggestion at the moment.


This is merely worded in the old fashion - as nothing has immunity piercing, it now just grants immunity I guess




I agree it is too strong. The original suggestion is to make it so that you must shoot a mark to kill your marks, and Gather Arrows had one use.

People complained it was UP so I buffed it.


Alright the more I thought about it the more I wanted to make the Gather Arrows buff a bit seperate

So I did

I’d rather introduce it as-is and buff it if needed than introduce it as overpowered and nerf it, but I suppose it’s fine to do it that way too if we’d rather have people get an impression of strength right off the bat. And hey, maybe that’s good, idk


This misses day ability.

Cult alts?


Do alts that are like Bandit’s abilities?


wtf would the alt for guilt be


It probably doesn’t need one tbh