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[Class Suggestion] The Ranger and The Bandit



TBH though it’s just worse than frenzy 9/10 times. Seriously make it unlimited use


fine lol


How often do you coordinate occupying two targets in ToL because I don’t see that often at all tbh


mostly endgame


Fair enough

So make sure you only let one live I guess


Also unlike a real mafioso the bandit can’t attack while the assassin’s in jail.


That was unintentional, I’m tired


Boop fixed


Why this can be used Night 1?

How does it fit to his class type?


I don’t believe in arbitrary restrictions, but I’d assume that there would probably be the same limit placed on this as there is on any other BD Killer.

Name one killer whose abilities are all killing and only killing. The closest we have to that is Sorcerer. Everybody else has a blend, because that’s what makes classes unique, useful, and interesting. This ability could be changed, but it’s strong, one-shot, and situationally useful.


I meant that are related to class type. Like these:

Which is why i asked why is in this particular class and i’m still satisfied with answer.


Bump :slight_smile:


So, I like Bandit and hate ranger. Here’s why I dislike Ranger:

  1. They’re going to murder BD. All of their abilities are based around killing people, and if you kill 3 people in one night, at least one is almost certainly going to be BD.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong about #1. Maybe you’re the god of scumreading. In which case you can murder 3 cult in a night. Kinda Swingy

  3. small comment: occuppation immunity is no longer bypassable, so you need to update

  4. it needs a delay on the archery ability so it doesn’t start until N3 or N4.


I understand this, but think it’s both unavoidable and not swing. This is merely a sign of a role with a very high skill ceiling, which isn’t really what swing is. Rather, this class enables good players to be good in a way that I think more classes should strive for.


You are saying that it’s bad because it can be used badly. That’s not an argument I can apply that to every class


I imagine this would be added. That’s fine.


Honestly though this just seems like half a Knight. All of his ability’s are direct kills, while Knight has both a direct kill AND a protective ability

Bypassing death immunity once and redirect immunity doesn’t seem like enough to make this class anything but a shittier Knight.

Being non-visiting doesn’t help too much either


Knight has prescient kills, making it a Vig/Bodyguard combo

This is a Vig/Firebrand combo

It’s the first truly offensive BD Killer, and hearing some say it sucks and some say it’s potentially overpowered is exactly where I want it to be :slight_smile:


Never heard of a Firebrand


Town Arsonist

One of my favorite niche roles