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[Class Suggestion] The Ranger and The Bandit



TBH though it’s just worse than frenzy 9/10 times. Seriously make it unlimited use


fine lol


How often do you coordinate occupying two targets in ToL because I don’t see that often at all tbh


mostly endgame


Fair enough

So make sure you only let one live I guess


Also unlike a real mafioso the bandit can’t attack while the assassin’s in jail.


That was unintentional, I’m tired


Boop fixed


Why this can be used Night 1?

How does it fit to his class type?


I don’t believe in arbitrary restrictions, but I’d assume that there would probably be the same limit placed on this as there is on any other BD Killer.

Name one killer whose abilities are all killing and only killing. The closest we have to that is Sorcerer. Everybody else has a blend, because that’s what makes classes unique, useful, and interesting. This ability could be changed, but it’s strong, one-shot, and situationally useful.


I meant that are related to class type. Like these:

Which is why i asked why is in this particular class and i’m still satisfied with answer.