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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special






But having a hidden fully functional BD member might be a bit OP. Remember the last version of Death Knight? A silent killer is overpowered.

Actually they should both be called spirits and you shouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a Priest or soulcatcher.

Same as spirits, when you capture their soul.

What’s wrong with that though?


Except it’s effectively like the Priest is the one with the ability. After all if you go for her then the killer is gone. Death Knights had issues that don’t apply here (needless confirmation, no skill required to gain one, no method for scum to remove one)

In addition to this having the Mystic issue potentially. It would prevent you from using the ability’s to actually further your goals, aka: the whole point of ability’s in general. Also it would be negative utility

Too much margin of error when you shouldn’t even need it 90% of the time.