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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special



Yes and you target the player being jumped to. If you target the possessor himself you fail and do nothing.


To keep consistency with Soulcatcher, this should be put in a separate night ability: Rise(Uses: Unlimited)- Choose a night ability of a Spirit, and use it. You will gain their passives until you target another player.

Why is this one use?

Nothing against this, but it would fit better as a passive for illusionist. Mystic And illusionist are focused around communicating with their faction. A more fitting ability would be one that allows living faction members to communicate with dead faction members(like the old Dark Words for Apostle)

Question: Does this mean that you will only get a soul if they die tonight or any night after you have targeted them?


Why only the primary? It should be both.


Everything else is good, though Necromancy should give you its target’s passives until you target a different player.


No need. The spirit does the ability themselves.

So if you have more than 1 then they both use the ability and you can still use resurrect at the same time.

Because if you fucked up badly enough to need a second use then you deserve the consequences

It fits either way

This violates the no dead interaction rule

Any night after you targeted them

Prevents balance issues

Because otherwise it would outclass every other convert in the game. Also some secondary’s have balance issues in being too strong, while ability’s being too weak is counterbalanced by having so much flexability

Both because balance issues (on prince exe and hunter mark) and because the UI would get too complicated


The soulcatcher is a jack of all trades. She needs to be worse an any given individual niche compared to other converts to work.


She’s not a real JOAT, as she’s very restricted in what she can use, only once and from a dead player whose soul is collected. Can you give some busted examples, because right now I think she’s very weak.

Unique converts feel like they should carry some more power as it’s way harder to fakeclaim one, so to balance for that it should be attractive to convert them, so they still aren’t trusted THAT much. Sadly this doesn’t work too well for Hunter due to bear and Illusionist got nerfed, but that’s my take on them.


I never gave this restriction


Right, I misread it.


Lets put it this way. If the Soulcatcher could use secondary’s and get passives ect. Then why would you ever convert a butler over her for example? When you could instead just convert the priest and then soulbind the butler


It takes more nights and most converts have stronger abilities. Servant is an exception. I still begrudge removing its day ability for no reason whatsoever.


the way it’s worded means that every convert will have SOMETHING on the soulcatcher using a soulbound version of the class.


Removing what day ability?


I never added a day ability.


I could swear they removed a day ability from Servant in a recent patch note.


Oh yeah. That


Maybe a limited use day ability that makes a soulbound/spirit visit instead of the assassin, countering knights/hunters/princesses to a degree, weak to observers.

Or make the soul mechanic work for the Soulcatcher as well, similar to how Reaper does it, for ease of understanding.

I love Reapers


What about having it as a separate ability then, to make it a bit more interactive?

True but I can see there being times where you would want to kill multiple Spirits. Maybe Revive could give you one use of Dismiss whenever you successfully revive someone?

What’s wrong with having dead interaction on evils though? Or you could add a passive that’s similar to Spirit Sanctuary.

I’m neutral on this. I think it’s a bit OP, but I can see why you added it.

Only if there are no restrictions for it, which I have a few ideas for. And converts would still have day abilities and passives.
btw here are my suggested changes in a class card:


Passive: Light Sanctuary - Spirits may preform night actions and may speak to you at night in a separate tab. During the day they may speak under your name. Spirits die when you die or get converted. Spirits may not target you with ability’s. Unseen/Cult spirits count towards their factions limit and do not count as dead for promotions, they may commit suicide at night and may talk with their faction like normal

Day Ability 1: Channeling- Consume two souls to gain the passives of a captured soul. Lasts until you target another soul.
Day ability 2: Dismiss(Uses:Unlimited)- If you have at least 1 soul left then choose a spirit or yourself. Choosing a spirit will consume one soul to instantly kill them, bypassing everything. If you have no souls left or choose yourself then Spirits may not speak through you for the rest of the day.

Night Ability 1: Revive(Uses: Unlimited) - If target player would die for any reason then they will instead become a spirit, and you will gain your soul. They will appear to flip as their starting class. Cannot save players that did not start as Blue Dragon.
Night Ability 2: Rise- Consume 1 soul to use a night ability of target spirit.


Passive: Dark Sanctuary - Ghouls may speak to you in a separate tab at all times. Ghouls die when you die or are promoted.

Day Ability 1: Channeling - Consume two souls to gain the passives of a captured soul. Lasts until you target another soul.
Day ability 2: Denial(Uses: Unlimited) - Consume 1 soul to immediately kill target ghoul, bypassing everything.

Night Ability 1: Bind(Uses: Unlimited) - If target player dies after this ability is used on them you will gain their soul.
Night Ability 2: Necromancy - Consume 2 souls to use an ability of target ghoul.


Rise is redundant for one. The spirits are already using their ability’s, why would you need to do so as well? The interactivity is from coordinating the spirits, much like a mystic.

Also a Ghoul would have no real reason to cooperate with you. Since they won’t be Unseen and thus won’t win with you. All you end up doing is holding them hostage so they can’t reach the dead chat to leave.

Also also. How is a Ghoul formed? That isn’t specified anywhere?


The fact that dead players are not part of the game. It’s like having an ability that looks at private notes, you just don’t do that.

Basically people in the dead chat shouldn’t need to worry about giving away info to other dead players (Ex: Prince identity as dead Mystic). Just in case a soulcatcher eventually exists for the evils to give the info to. And you can’t just have Unseen that die AFTER the soulcatcher spawns be apart of it because if an Unseen dies then you lose the soulcatcher 9/10 times.

So you would have to remove the dead chat entirely for the entire Unseen just on the off chance of a soulcatcher spawning. No one wants that


That’s just having unlimited uses of Dismiss. Since you will never have more spirits than successful Revives


btw. I’ve changed the Priest’s passive to make the spirit chat at all times but removed the part about speaking through the Priest. Realizing it could easily get way too messy