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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special


Plus I’m sure this whole thing could be streamlined with better wording


This is awesome! But wouldn’t spirits flipping with blank logs confirm the Priest?


No. People leave blank logs all the time.


Unless people don’t want Possessor stealing their logs I don’t see why BD would want to leave blank logs


Because A: They are a Poss jump/Herbalist defile or B: Mistake


I would expect blank logs to be a very reliable indicator that the priest claim is legit, since facelifts and defiles rarely leave blank logs and bd never mistakenly leaves blank logs except for n1


Can a Spirit Knight update their deathnote to confirm the Priest?


I guess. Barring a confirmed scum it would be hard to reliably take advantage of it however, and it wouldn’t be a confirmation either as an assassin could easily change his DN to say that too.

The amount of coordination required to make that actually work without losing anyone (a confirmed scum, a physician and a spirit knight) is enough to make this a fair confirmation method


So you think I should remove that part?


Tbh yea


ok then


Otherwise look good?


Also remember. If you use spirits to confirm then you are trading 1 confirmed vote for a different confirmed vote. You wouldn’t actually be increasing claim space.

And Spirits are not unkillable, they just only die when you do (barring indirect kills)


(and ain’t no rule that says you can’t use a dead mystics link minds as soul catcher)


Yeah it’s great! Nice job


TBH, if a person starts speaking like they’re possessed (and not in the Poss way), that should be a clear giveaway of who the Priest is.


And if they suddenly stop doing that, well hello Soulcatcher.


It’s not hard to do that I don’t think. We could just make it a day chat instead


I love and support this idea. It reminds me of my old Necromancer NK. I think Soulcatcher is on the weak side however. He could use a day ability.


I like this idea a lot but two questions

Can a sorc detonate a previously bombed spirit

And can you revive someone possessed and if so do you have to target the possessors body that they swapped the person with or the body being possessed