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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special


Is the class fun though?


Like I’ll rather a fun and confusing class then a boring and simple one


Step 1: Check if the target started as BD if yes:
Step 2: Check if they are going to die tonight (even if they won’t flip) if yes:
Step 3: They flip as their starting class (which will always be BD)
Step 4: They become a spirit


I’m playing both sides here


Would die = They will hit the dead chat this night without your ability interfering


But if you prevent the jump they wouldn’t die.


Btw nuke would you play SS3


Don’t know what that is


You prevent the jump by making them a spirit


Forum mafia with a vengeful that kills its hammerer


What’s it stand for


3 players
1 vengeful who kills its hammerer
1 mafia goon
1 town


Town or maf




Super Saiyan three I think it stands for


Would you?


kk. Not interested and this wouldn’t be the place to talk about it anyway



Possessor tries to kill them to take the body
Priest makes them a spirit so they don’t die
Possessor failed to kill them so he can’t take the body
Possessor regains the use as a result


Btw. This means you can’t have a Knight, CW and Physician spirit let you 1v1 basically every scum in the game


(also for the CL spirit thing. You can always kill the Priest as a last resort)