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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special


Apprentice doesn’t get removed when you become King.


What about poss jumps? How would it interact or reaper?


It cares about the player. It would have to be used the night they get reaped to revive them (and not the night they would normally flip)

Basically it triggers any time a Merc shield would.


Will you have 2 CLs then? Double conversion? 4 kills per night? o_o


1 CL. Who is now a spirit


Cult has a suicide button and Priest has Dismiss


Personally idk about you but I’ll love to play as a unkillable converter that sounds fun for everyone involved


What if you already used Dismiss? Unkillable converter.





If you fuck up that badly you deserve it


I also asked about possessor. What will happen then. There is some flaws with interaction that this class has


What ABOUT possessor?


I asked about the JUMP system. What would happen then HUH?!


Revive jump target, instantly out new Poss body.


act like it revived the person

but it didn’t


If you target the player being jumped on then you stop the jump. He get’s his use back and you get a new spirit. If you try to res the poss then you fail cuz he isn’t BD anyway


It’s like a merc shield. Not sure if merc shield triggers on bear/knight/CoD kills but this would btw.


Why would you get a Spirit if you stopped the jump?


Because they still died


The class flaw is its majorly confusing. Fire. There’s your flaw. Do as you wish