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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special


Butler turned assassin who died


An unkillable assassin


That’s what the day ability is for


nuke imagine making multiple mistakes with this

How about making the day Ability unlimited but it doesn’t kill the spirit till after the night.


If you’ve fucked up enough to revive 2 converted assassins somehow then you deserve the punishment


Revive. It seems a little weird for the target player to “die.” And still be alive. Would in interact with dead chat. Is a spirit actually dead? Is it worth for spirits to be in the game as half dead people?


Sprits are not dead. They are players that just appear dead. Talk with your number, and can’t use day ability’s


What if the spirit used one ability then completely dies off. How would knights and hunters act? Especially since knight commits suicide


Spirits have no special immunity’s. If they would die normally they still die


I want to fake claim this class.

Okay guys don’t worry, I’m a priest who revived the knight he will guard the prince.



That’s the idea :wink:


Can it target king?




You can tell I obviously dislike this idea. Fake claiming would be both easy and hard. Knight could claim like. He’s priest. Or something like that. Solid claim. But something about this I just dislike. I don’t know why


Ain’t it complex too?


I could probably get away with claiming this class tbh


If you can’t actually find a real flaw it can’t be that bad right?


Not any moreso than Possessor is


You can technically revive a MM with this. Same with CL.


Maybe CL. Not Mastermind