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[Class Suggestion] The Priest/The Soulcatcher - Social/Special


The Priest :shield:

Blue Dragon Social
Passive: Spirit Sanctuary - Spirits may preform night actions and may speak to you at all times in a separate tab. Spirits die when you die or get converted. Spirits may not target you with ability’s. Unseen/Cult spirits count towards their factions limit and do not count as dead for promotions, they may commit suicide at night and may talk with their faction like normal

Day Ability: Dismiss - Kill target Spirit at the start of the night. Bypasses everything (1 use)

Night Ability: Revive - If target player would die for any reason then they will instead become a spirit. They will appear to flip as their starting class. Cannot save players that did not start as Blue Dragon.(Unlimited)

Note: Spirits may not preform day ability’s. Priest may not target King

Soulcatcher :shield:

Unseen Special
Passive: Astral projection - Unseen may chat privately in a separate tab during the day

Night Ability 1: Soul Bind - If target player dies after this ability is used on them you will gain their soul. Cannot collect a non-BD player’s soul (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Necromancy - Use the primary ability of target dead player on your second target. You may only use the ability’s of players who either were spirits or who’s soul you gained. Does nothing if the ability required 2 targets or had no target. (Unlimited)

Note: Soul Bind may not target King or use a King’s ability’s

Thank @Shrimpy for the revive ability that made this class possible


That annoying time when you already had to kill an assassin spirit and then you made it so a nk is a spirit


NK cannot be a spirit


Why do you do this


How about an alch?


because at that point he already lost so it would be pointless


Only starting BD can become spirits


Slight problem



an unkillable prince


You would have exclusive access to his logs


an unkillable prince that can’t jail anyone


How does a dead knight work when using CS?


He dies again if he hits BD. For good

Same deal if any spirit hits reaper CoD


Being spirits does not give them any special immunity’s besides being untargetable


I’m going to say something about the no dead interaction policy this game has


What are you talking about. This only interacts with living players


It’s technically not dead interaction

They are “alive”


I’m going to find a problem with this class

Mark my words


This is no more dead interaction than physician


Good luck.