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[Class Suggestion] The Priest and The Heretic (v2)


guess it depends mainly on how often whispers are used these days, With both of us kind of on hiatus I’d guess we both really lack the knowledge.

If there are few to no whispers most days, my methods are better, if 2+ whispers are done yours are better. my fear is a bit less on practicality (Personally in my view in both of our concepts whispers are going to effectively have the same result, as a whisper jammer, however IMO the impersonate part will just result in complaints that that is worthless as some players will focus on it and miss the jam).

Biggest difference in our styles, I’m more paranoid of negative feedback rolling things back because of complaints. I see a whole lot of potential as a whisper jammer, and effectively no potential as a whisper spoofer unless whispering becomes far more flooded. I’m more afraid of people seeing the spoofer and not seeing the jammer part of it.


Break starts Thanksgiving

Maybe I’ll get to let you know :blush:

And while that’s fair I personally would prefer to suggest a multipurpose suggestion that can be rolled back to focus on one aspect than suggesting something focused entirely on that aspect

Plus I like the idea of being able to cancel it without just un-pushing a button

Hell you could also use it to impersonate a whisper to yourself, a buddy, or some Neutral that’s willing to play along

Having them whisper to a Sellsword telling them to say the whisper was incriminating could be pure gold


Bump :slight_smile:


Great concept, but why should it be limited to negative social effects? It should just work on all negative effects(I’ll provide a list if you need them)

Is the name change really necessary?

I love the concepts, but I think they would do better as a Mystic overhaul. Mystic is meant to(or at least should) be the neighborizer. I’ll upload an updated version of my old rework later, which is similar to this. Priest should focus around preventing negative effects.

Again, I love the concept, but it would work better on Illusionist(which is really weak atm)

Is the name change necessary?

Everything else is good