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[Class Suggestion] The Priest and The Heretic (v2)


Technically you could just do it without changing Noble at all. But regardless I never liked that suggestion because of how RNG heavy it is


I would agree, but it’s kinda necessary if it’s not going to be a Mystic clone

Although I suppose we could take a look at Mystic too - I dislike a Prince Lite™️ but have no clue how to fix it


Well anyways. We could make Priest the neighboriser (don’t mind the spelling) instead of Mystic


That involves removing Conduit, yes?


Not necessarily. We wouldn’t have to change mystic at all


I think removing Conduit would be the best way to cleanly seperate these two though

Otherwise they overlap more than is necessary


How about that


My only issue thus far is that you can act as a Mystic Lite™️ if you grab somebody new each day and remove them afterwards


Give the abilities a cooldown



What if instead you can’t excommunicate somebody the night after you shepard them?


Why not make them both night (or day) abilities so that you still have the option to remove them but it means sacrificing adding someone new for that phase
Unless that was already your intention and you think it would still be a problem anyway


Fair enough


with impersonate… how does the “they will not be able to recieve” work though.

is there a solution to

her: “/w 1 13 is unseen”
king: “/w her is this an impersonation?”

If he doesn’t receive it then obviously there’d be no reply… if he does then there isn’t much point in blocking whispers.

The enclave part is interesting would be currious how that plays in practice.


Whispers are just not recieved. You can use this to block whispers if you so wish. I don’t see whatever issue you are seeing.

Is it that there would be no reply? Because that can be as much of a tool for scum as it is for determining that somebody is being impersonated.


yeah, mainly it would be the equivelant of “can you repeat that” is to the trollbox. assuming whispers are less common (honestly I haven’t gotten back into playing since the MM buff, mainly because it was simultanious with allies return), but if whispers are uncommon, it would seem pretty standard to just always respond to every whisper you recieve with “say hi”.


I see little problem with that - it’s not the main point of the class, and you can be tactical with it to make it more convincing.


you can be more tactical, but due to whispers being much rarer than normal speach, it would probably be easier to always give a test every time someone whispers you.

With trollbox you are always seeing 20+ chat messages a day, so people will only test the most blatent 5% or so. Whispers you’ll be getting 1-2 whisper conversations a day normally, there’s no sane reason not to test each one.

Maybe to take the seeming emphasis away from the message, and put more emphasis on the whisper block, it were say

Tinnitus (or curse of deafness): Target is unaware of when people are whispering, and cannot read whispers to himself.

Takes out the part that IMO is going to find itself useless very quickly, draws attention to the real stregnth of it (grants plausible deniability if scum ignores a whisper, causes people to be unaware of whispers meaning someone may miss important clues from who is whispering whom, as well as of course random extra issues from people not being able to hear what’s being said to them".


That’s not-insignificantly weaker though


could add in that their whispers can’t be heard as well, the way I see it on a practical level, it is about the same… I don’t see the “impersonate” portion of it accomplishing anything beyond potentially giving away the use of the ability. (it’s too easy to ask and verify, and there’s unlikely to be a high enough volume of whispers that one shouldn’t just verify every whisper).

If you want to actually make the impersonate work… now if we do want to make a whisper impersonation that actually doesn’t fall appart like that, it would take a pretty hefty buff.

Impersonate: All whispers to you will appear as the target, All whispers to your target will instead be visible to you.

admitted, that too runs a side risk of verifiability by simply asking out loud “did you whisper me X”

The way yours is… at least to me, is best served by not actually sending the whisper. lock up and block out their whispers… sending the message itself is more of a liability, as it’s easy to double check. IMO if it can be double checked, then the impersonate portion of it is a distraction from what’s actually powerful about it (it blocks whispers prior to sending a message)

I only see the message itself useful in scenerios where there’s too many whispers to verify each one, say in the middle of WKM… but if there is a WKM it would probably take place before it is reasonable to have converted a priest.


One of the important benefits to my Impersonate is that you can cancel the ability at will. Additionally, being able to not see that other people are whispering will make it even more obvious that somebody is under the effects of Tinnitus.

I definitely like intercepting their whispers though, gonna add that