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[Class Suggestion] The Priest and The Heretic (v2)


Your class is boring.


Welcome to being anything close to Support.


Physician and Chronomancer isn’t boring.


I agree.

Others don’t, somehow.


Well even thinking that I STILL genuinely think this class would be boring AF


Not to mention that the way to make this not boring involves making Noble “boring” (apparently)

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :man_shrugging:


What would make it less boring for you then? lol


Maybe something that would be consistently countered by it. Occupy, Tampering and Conversion is countered by CW. Kills, poison and bleed is countered by CW/Chrono. What’s left? Day ability’s aren’t common and aren’t a real threat.


Good question what is left?

Also this is social lel


How is this social


Nothing. We don’t need more supports.


So help me make it more social like I’m asking? :stuck_out_tongue:


What classes do we need


We 100% need a new social


Well for one it needs to interact with the players (as opposed to their classes)


So what I’m hearing is

Old Priest and Heretic



All of the other social classes do it. Not just OG priest


No my old priest

Forget the revival priest


Link it?


It was paired with my Noble suggestion, remember?