[Class Suggestion] The Orphan (Neutral Wildcard)

The Orphan (Neutral WildCard)

Day Ability 1: Always Around The Father
[PASSIVE] As you never leave your father you are Immune to Occupy at night unless the prince occupies you

Night Ability 1: The Father Figure
[1x] pick a player the chosen player becomes your father figure they Become aware you’re the orphan. Should your father figure die you change into their current role. if you die or do not pick a father figure by the end of night 2 you are randomly given 1. you know his current role and your night room changes to his.

Night Room: Starts Off At Tavern
Objective: Win with your father figure

{back Blue Dragon version
on one rainy day, you were begging for food
eating the scraps you got barely able to survive. until 1 fortune day
you met a stranger who took pity on you, he took you back the castle,
where you gained a better place to live. however not long after you
began trying as a knight hand’s
years later he died killed by the black rose later that day you took
your father’s sword and vowed to end the reign of the black rose once
and forever

{Back story Blackrose version
You always lived a terrible life you were always a slave nothing more
than a tool it was like that even since you were a kid nothing but work
and the worse of bread. it’s a miracle your even alive. however, you
grew tired and kept getting your master did not approve. as he yelled at you
a knife came from the shadows attacking your master without a sound, suddenly a figure in a cloaked robe offered you a new life, a life you could not refuse. this day you joined the black rose.
The person who Brought you into the suddenly was execution on the spot, you were all alone no one else and then you thought to yourself I bet I can convince him to join me and you did.

Even if you have not yet chosen your father figure you are still considered to have 1 for Always around the father

I would love to say that bigejaws was the person who came up with most of the ideas (sorry man for changing it) hope you don’t brainwash me into a cult :smile:


So this was the first ever custom created class ever… interesting…


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