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[Class Suggestion] The Mystic


Just saying.


I’m not sure this really fixes the core issues I have with Mystic in any meaningful way?


Surely Mystic will become a truly Social Class but not a Meta


No private matters i guess


That’s only related to private whispers

People will still whisper them just fine and will still be better off because of it most of the time


Interesting idea
make private matters target two people allowing them to whisper privately to each other


Make it unlimited uses



That will just mess up too much

Well, that will reduce how Mystic Meta can work, but increase the power of Mystic in Social part.


Looks cool! :3 :3


But Mystic doesn’t need more social power when it’s already kinda broken for that alone


Not really
Explains why it’s bad lol


Im also an anti-fan of Mystic Meta
But nerfing that along with Mystic doesnt seem right


Play it yourself!


no you said my suggestion would mess it up a lot


Well… That just insanely how 2 people can keep making efforts after days with that Unlimited.
Like King/Prince


and it’s not insane to have the mystic get everyone claims instead of letting two people communicate



I think

The idea will seem OP, but if it is put in effect it will be okay.


Just No!


So what now?


Probably me working on solving this over spring break? idk lol what do you want to happen