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[Class Suggestion] The Guardian of Life - Neutral Support


> # The Guardian of Life :shield:
> Neutral Support
Minor immortality (Passive) - Immune to all night attacks that don’t pass Death Immunity and can get reaped.
Meditation (Passive) - Immune to getting occupied and redirected.
Balance (Passive) - Cannot get converted
Glimpse (Day) - Know if the reaper has used a day ability and on who. - 3 uses
Sense (Day) - Know who the Reaper reaped last night - 5 uses
Gift of life (Night) - save a player that has been reaped. cannot use ability two times in a row. - Infinite uses
Light (Night) - Cannot be reaped for the night. - 2 uses
Live to see the Reaper die. After Goal has been achieved you will lose all abilities and passives.


Hope this is better then my last one.


what if reaper is not in the game


Nooo. Sorry, but this is terribly anti fun for The Reaper in question who is already facing 15 enemies (barring possible neutrals that side with him). He doesn’t need a specific hardcounter.


only appears when reaper is in game




so a nerf for reaper


Reaper can’t even normally attack him.


way to op. someone who can make reaper not kill at all plus they are immune to all attacks


NK hard counter is never a good idea @_@


Alrighty kids, I was planning to do something similar to this about 6 months ago but decided against it. Let’s see if this is a worthy comparison to my idea

I’ll reword for you: Immune to death at night except for Reaper’s Reap attack.

Ok, why? Dont think old Inq was occupy immune

Not a passive. Prince doesn’t have a passive saying unconvertable.

Kinda useless since chill is used used late game, also just give it at the end of the day.

Basically defeats Reap, mainly since Reaper’s reap is supposed to keep target alive and silent, so others don’t know.

Would scream OP but says can’t use 2 times in a row. But rip Reaper, thats 4 kills gone in a game. which is a lot.

So basically becomes fully death immune. ok.

So to wrap it up, Reaper got massively nerfed. If you want this to be seen as viable he’s gonna have to be buffed a ton. also way too much confirmability. You might as well get on your knees when someone claims this, cause you know it’s gonna be legit.