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[Class Suggestion] The Gladiator and The Renegade






Should the MM turn up dead earlier than intended, Renegade becomes new Assassin


Not after N4


I know.


Then yes, that is intentional.


Bump :slight_smile:



That’s Mercenary’s job


Oh, I see where Magistrate is based on.

Without the kill king and take over ability.


Question: When you take them for yourself, will you take them permanently or just as long as they are disabled?

Since you could technically just keep gaining uses of this I don’t think you should start out with one use

Is the name change necessary?

Everything else is good.


As long as they are disabled.


While that is fair, I would like to give players who fail to parry some utility


Challenge (Day) - Resets all votes. Only you or your target may be voted for the rest of the day. (1 use)

Seems like an ability that’s so confirmable it should only be on the King


Just give it to Cult and bam fixed

I remember hearing Invoker needed some love anyways


Even if you give it to Cult, it narrows down the player to 2 possible classes which is still too confirmable for my tastes


Then lynch them ez