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[Class Suggestion] The Firebrand and the Firebreather (ToL Style)


Two new class ideas:

The Firebrand

Blue Dragon Killer
Cuts and Scars (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding.
Fire Thrower (Day) - Set a player on fire, they will die at the end of tonight, they will be informed they are now bleeding. - 1 use.
Deathmark (Night) - Deathmark a player. - 2 uses.
Final Burn Out (Night) - Kill all deathmarked players bypassing night immunity. - 1 use.
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult and any Neutrals that seek to do you harm.

The Firebreather

Unseen Support
Cuts and Scars (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding.
Arsonist Flames (Passive) - Once you become the Assassin, you will gain one extra use of Rupture.
Feet of Fire (Day) - If target player attempts to use an action today, they will be prevented from doing so. - 2 uses.
Marksman (Night) - Deathmark a player, if the Assassin attacks them it will bypass night immunity. - 2 uses.
Flame Gas (Night) - Prevent all investigative abilities to all Unseen players tonight. - 1 use.
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


This is not an Unseen Killer as normal ToL refuses this for some odd reason.


Just to make it clear preventation is removed and is fire is like normal bleed but kills earlier and has different notifications etc?


Both evil factions only have 1 person that can kill, more would be unfair


Fire is not like a normal bleed as players are not notified if they are set on fire.

This is too prevent confirmation for the Firebreather.



Does this bypass healing


That’s a lot of kill power for a single BD.




Is Butler Poison fine to you?


It was based on an FoL class I also made. Might nerf the class though for ToL.


Its almost as much as a mediocre Knight




then maybe this would be fine.



  • Removed a use of Deathmark.
  • Made it so they will be informed, but will be informed that are bleeding.


That pic wasn’t a critic. It was just me making fun of the idea that you wouldn’t notice being on fire.


Now it’s under powered.


2 is under powered and 3 is over powered

let’s settle for 2.5


That’s still 3 kills on n3 by themselves.
If you get 3 of those to spawn… whole court is gonna explode.


How is that different from Knight?