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[Class Suggestion]The Escape Artist/The Scapegoat


Class Name: The Escape Artist
Class Type: Blue Dragon Support

Plan B: If someone tries to attack you , the attacker will be occupied. You can not be Investigated. (Only works once.)

Day Abilities:
Escape Route: Make someone Death Immune for the night.(1 Use - Can not target yourself or The King)

Night Abilities:
The Slow Way Out: Dig a hole in the graveyard. You may replace a living person with a corpse once you have dug 3 times. You may only select yourself once and you won’t lose your progress. You can use this on yourself whenever you want.(Infinite Uses - Can not target The King)
The Quick Way Out: If a player is attacked , you will die instead of their place. Their attacker will commit suicide in 2 nights.(1 Use)

Class Name: The Scapegoat
Class Type: Unseen Support

Dis Guise Good!: You will appear as an Escape Artist as long as you are The Scapegoat. (You will still appear Suspicious to Investigative abilities.)

Day Abilities:
Diguised!: Target will appear suspicious if they are not part of The Unseen and not suspicious if they are.(1 Use)

Night Abilities:
Undercover: Follow a player to see if they visit The Unseen. If they do , it will be shown to The Mastermind their converted class type.(3 Uses)
Agent 47: Select an approach :

  • Approach #1 | Stealth: If The Assassin is executed tomorrow , occupy the accuser the next night.(1 Use)
  • Approach #2 | Backdoor: Get a copy of a player’s log.(1 Use)
  • Approach #3 | Loud: Kill a player. You will commit suicide.(1 Use - Only available if The Mastermind is dead.)
  • Approach #4 | Traitor: Select X players. You will learn their exact class. The classes will be mixed randomly. X is determined by how many Unseen members are alive.(2 Uses - Can not target the same player(s) twice.)


Oh goodie, a punishment of death for a player who did what they were supposed to.


hey NK, this is the person that you attacked, and this is why he’s death immune



So where’s this dug ability?