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{Class Suggestion} The Detective (reworked)


The Detective



Passive 1;
Known Criminals - You are death immune once

Passive 2;
Small bribery - All your results on any NK will come up as non suspicious. Meaning that it will say they cannot attack and that they didn’t attack anyone. This also effects victims of the possessor

Day ability 1;
Keeping notes - Select a player, at the end of the night you will find out if they can attack someone [unlimited uses]”

Day ability 2;
Greedy - occupy all investigative classes from visiting your target tonight [2 uses]

Night ability 1;
Quick Hunch - Select a player, Find out if they have attacked someone before or is attacking someone tonight. It will say they attacked someone even if the attack failed to kill. [unlimited uses]

Night ability 2;
Personal Business - Attack a player that you have found who attacked someone else [unlimited uses]

Win Con - Kill 2 player that have successfully killed another player that you have found with one of your abilities

Day ability results:
Chrono - Can not kill
NK - Can not Kill
Assassin/CL - Can Kill
Butler -Can Kill
Hunter - Can Kill
Inqu/alch - Can Kill
Paladin - Can Kill
Knight - Can Kill
Prince - Can Kill

Night ability results:
Chrono - if swaps death than can attack
NK - will be shown as can’t attack
Assassin/CL - If they have attacked someone, than will be shown as can attack
Butler - if poisons King than can attack
Hunter - if bleeds a target or bears than can attack.
Inqu/alch - if kills a target than can attack
Paladin - if smites than can attack
Knight - if uses Cold Steel or kills while guarding than can attack
Prince - if kills jailed target than can attack

Yes some of these might be questionable results but knowing how all classes might not spawn in game limiting the amount of people that he can kill. so i tried to open up the selection of people more

Please give me feed back on class

Questions that you could answer for this class:

1 - will this be a good class to play along with in the game?
2 - will you have fun playing this class?
3 - do you think this class is too overpowered or too underpowered?
4 - do you think this class will change the game in a positive or negative way?


This should be Kill 2 players that can kill, instead of already succesfully having done so, or else the goal is a too BD-sided in my opinion. Prince etc. should be targets from the start.


Having investigative abilities for both day and night, makes this class way too supercharged and able to find its targets too quickly as opposed to actually having to use social deduction.


Why does this exist? Only useful if an Observer happens to be targeting you when you’re killing a BD-sided killer.


Good catch. I do agree with you on this

I had him have this due to not being able to do much with his night ability for the first couple of days. Other than maybe find assassin/Cl. In my previous version of this people were saying that it was too hard to win with this class. I do agree maybe there should be a limit of uses or if any other suggestions for this ability would be welcomed.

This is more of a situational ability. I agree it is limited but since you have to find and kill the target meaning if anyone else finds the target and kills them during the day. You lost your chance. So this was to counter that. It was originally this was going to make your attacks bypass death immunity. I am again welcomed for a suggestion to change this ability


Other than that. How is the class


I don’t get how this class is supposed to improve the game. We already have classes that want to find killers (the entire BD) and we have neuts that want to find specific players and kill them (inquisitor). What does this class do to make the game more fun as a whole?


Why would it be night immune once?
Oh it is a neutral


@NOBLE1 Here, let me link you to a class card generator so you can make it that way and it’ll spit it out a lot nicer, just copy and paste what it spits out after you click generate


It’s just another neutral class idea that can add another layer of thinking to the game.


But like… it doesn’t really


I understand your point but I much rather have this class than inquisitor in game


Inquisitor helps against potential mass claims. This just feels like it’s going to be yet another D1 neut claim that no one bothers.