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[Class Suggestion] The Corpsemonger - Neutral Killing


The Corpsemonger :shield:

Neutral Killer
Barrier (Passive) - Immune to death from some attacks after getting attacked 3 times it is lost.
Focused (Passive) - Immune to getting occupied and redirected
Rise (Night) - Rise a dead Player to the dead and use their ability on the target of your choosing. Cannot choose the same person twice in a row. The corpse will visit the target instead of you. They will not appear alive to other players. - Infinite uses
Necromancy (Night) - Create a zombie to attack a player of your choosing. It will appear as if nobody visited the target. - Infinite uses
Kill all Bluedragon and Unseen/Cult


As far as I can see theres no reason not to use necromancy instead, seems very much like a serial killer. Pretty solid on the flavour though :+1:


Necromancer from Town Of Salem but now as Neutral Killer.

Two things:

Conversion immunity isn’t considered as passive per se

Okay “Rise” is a cool ability but the question is: How often it’s going to be used and why would somebody use it more often than “Necromancy”?


As the person said above, is there really any point in using “rise”? The only real upside to this is that you are able to heal yourself from bleeding. Also, most of the deaths will be investigatives, and how would the interaction with them go? Will you get their night results? Additionally, how would the prince or classes with 2 night abilities, including limited ones such as conduit/eradicate/2-for-1 be used/interact?


And is he immune to redirection?


That’s the implication (?)

They are usually bundled together for the purposes of simplicity.