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[Class Suggestion] The Baron - Neutral Killer


Day Ability 1:
Bleed (Infinite) - Bleeds the target, if the target is not healed they will die within 2 nights.

Day Ability 2 (Optional):
Mark of the Vampyr (3 Charges) - Marks the target, allowing the Baron to attack them even if he would otherwise be unable to (guarded by a knight, mercenary, butler party, etc.)

Night Ability 1:
Feed (Infinite) - The Baron attacks a bleeding or marked target, killing them and healing himself from death or bleeding. The target must be bleeding or marked for Feed to be usable against them.

Night Ability 2 (Optional)
Exsanguinate (3 Charges) - If the target is bleeding they will die that night even if they are healed. The death note will register as whoever bled the target rather than from the Baron.

Just on the edge of Adiart there was a Barony, minor and quiescent until a clash between members of the Blue Dragon, the Cult, and the Unseen occurred - resulting in the destruction of the barony. The Baron, distraught over the loss of his lands and people, made a pact with dark powers granting him great powers at the cost of his humanity.

Oddly, I had a dream about this - not this exactly, it was more like a Noble being able to see whispers and such but having these bleed powers. The idea behind this killer is that he capitalizes on the bleeding abilities of the assassin, cult, and hunter for his kills - though is able to set up his own as well. I’m thinking of dropping the charges for Mark or Exsanguinate, but also think both work fairly well at 3 charges. If only because, say, a target is inoculated, the Baron needs a way to kill them beyond trials.

Also, like the trade-off that, while it’s powerful it’s also a fairly obvious class. If a character is bleeding and they suddenly die despite someone healing them… well, sure, early on there could be confusion (maybe it was a poss jump, maybe they got reaped, etc.). It also requires the Baron to play safely… sure, he might mark a Butler and bypass the Butler wining him… but he could also attack the Butler during a Party which reduces the number of possibilities further.

Edited to clarify the idea behind Feed: your target has to be bleeding or marked for you to be able to attack them, the healing from the attack is just a bonus.


The great thing about being able to bleed means Hunters won’t be able to prove they aren’t NK anymore


Hadn’t even thought of that, but that’s a good point. Makes hunter a trickier claim than it is.


Hey, I like this. Just feel kind of too simple/flavorless


What would you recommend?


Something to mark as an unique mechanic of the class.


Hm, I felt needing a target to be Marked or Bled for their abilities to work was fairly unique. Most other killers can just kill (barring death immune/healed/guarded targets) without requiring a prerequisite.


Lemme clear that up, real quick, rereading I can see that that might not have been obvious.


Not like that.
The reaper has a semi-imortality mechanic and can make dead people appear alive
The possessor pretends to be another player
The sorcerer had the cat/rat game with inq, but now is only arsonist


I mean, I felt the idea that the Baron has to capitalize on injured or selected targets to attack -and- that he can bypass healing or guards with two of his abilities is fairly unique.

Reaper can’t technically bypass a knight guarding a target, but would instead reap the knight.
Sorc can technically bypass a knight by detonating a bomb.
It does make use of a similar effect that Timesnatcher has in “accelerating” the death of a bleeding target (with exsanguinate).

I think what marks it as unique, at least in my mind is: it’s a NK that has a slower game (similar to Reaper), but also can lead to keeping BD and evils guessing. Bleeds keep going out, there must still be a CL/Assassin alive. In addition, similar to Reaper… it’s not a night immune NK. It requires feed to keep itself going, but it can totally die n1 to a lucky assassin/CL/alch.


It is not for strenght. It is for uniqueness of mechanics.
We already have enforcer and bleeding abilities.


So… should sorcerer be reworked? We already have direct target damage abilities like Magic Missile.


No, because the bomb mechanic is unique.
Although ngl we all would want more diversity at sorc.


But that’s sorta what I meant: Sorc’s main kill ability is her Magic Missle, but her bomb ability - really her secondary - is what makes her unique.

For this it’s really the way the mechanics interact with one another that makes the killer unique rather than just having a different way of going about killing.


It seems very difficult to come up with something that really stands out as unique to serve as the basis for a new NK.

I have thought about it alot and come up more-or-less empty-handed.

Do you have any ideas?

What about a class with no passives or abilities except a basic attack, and his strength lies in his omnipotence. Meaning he knows everyone’s class at all times, but can’t speak in the “Any last words?” phase and his logs are automatically wiped so that he can’t out people after he loses.

My best shot …


Those deserve its own thread, but that excarcabates possible gamethrowing to the max.