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[Class Suggestion] The Balloteer


The Balloteer (Special) - Unknown Faction

Day Ability 1:
Vote Tampering (inf uses) - Change the vote of 1 person to what you voted for during a trial for execution. The person you changed the vote of will be notified. Cannot change the King’s vote.

Day Ability 2 :
Ballot Switching (2 uses) - Reverse the King’s vote. Affects Decide Fate.

Night Ability 1:
Political Protection (2-3 uses) - Protect someone from votes. Unable to use on the King, yourself, or whenever the court cannot vote.

Night Ability 2 (Psycho Balloteer only):
Old Tricks (inf uses) - Kills a player using the primary attack the Neutral Killer had before becoming The Balloteer.

Passive 1:
Personal Escort - You are occupy and redirect immune.

Passive 2:
Result Posting - As long as you are alive, trials will always show who voted to pardon/execute. If there is no living Balloteer, it will only show how many votes to pardon/execute, which includes Noble Twin.

Our scouts are still looking for this information…

The Balloteer is a guaranteed role at #2. They have a 65% chance of being good and 35% chance of being evil. All royal bloods, except The Nobles, Aristocrats, and Apostles, are unable to step up for the Balloteer class. Starting Nobles will have a passive called “Noble blood” which grants then double the votes when stepping up for the king and for The Balloteer. Unlike the king, voting for The Balloteer will always happen at the start of the day until either the game resolves itself or a new Balloteer is chosen.