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[Class Suggestion] Spy/Saboteur


It’s not that bad of an omniscient ability, though. The Spy still won’t know their target’s exact faction unless they were peeked by scum nor they will know who else targeted his target.

Plus, making it also intercept BD results would make it a class too easy to confirm and with negative utility, which is just bad design in general.


Would it be too powerful if the Day Ability is that you can use both Night Abilities or let a Night Ability used tonight be able to choose 2 targets? Fast Response is a Support Ability which doesn’t usually fit a Social class, but it certainly is useful


Probably not


@BlueStorm the class is here for cherry picking

Note I did not necrobump this for no reason.


oh wow


I like this but would rather the player get occupied instead of notified about a spy