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[Class Suggestion] Spy/Saboteur


In classes too

Or not typo :thinking:


For the class itsef I’d say it’s excellent for a social class.

It allows confirming/verifying neutrals while also messes up fakeclaims from the Cult and the Unseen. It’s also easy to claim and can’t be mechanically confirmed which is a huge problem social classes have at the moment.

IMO, the Noble needs to have their day abilities changed to something that wouldn’t instantly confirm him and other more system message-focused Socials should be added. I’ve tried making several BD Socials before, and focusing on logs, trials, and criers/neighbourizers and whatnot ultimately just makes terrible classes whose only strength lies in self-confirmation. Social classes in general should be more tailored to be something like Nuke’s Spy and my Coroner.

The issue here is that this would increase the spy’s potential to be confirmed while also giving him negative utility by denying feedback to other members of the BD. BD Social classes should be focused in distributing information, not denying it or distorting it.

Was just going to ask if it’s usable on other members of the Unseen. It looks like a pretty solid ability for evils.


Isn’t this spelled Saboteur?


In that case still no. It has ability’s that gather and manipulate information. The entire point of the classes are to deny information from your opponents. Spy is more direct but Saboteur still works just fine even if no one is outed


Oh, you changed the ability! Okay, yeah, the new version is a lot better. The previous one felt like if you didn’t know who to target, it could go to waste. Looks good now!


Which ability is this?


The Saboteur first ability, which swapped 2 investigative results. That one felt like if you didn’t know who was the BD investigators, it was a bit of a waste. This version is a lot more applicable!


I reworded it but I don’t think it ever ment what you thought it did.

For example the assassins investigation results are Unseen or Killer/offensive depending on who is checking.


And I just realized, you’ve made an unconfirmable BD Social class.

I think you deserve a prize


But there only needs to be one evil soft counter. They’re boring to play and not fun to play against.


Well I fixed it. Now it’s not countering any class or faction in particular


It’s better, but it should be able to affect neutral supports as well.


Neutral supports are not scum and would only be useful for confirmation (which I am trying to avoid)

In otherwords there is no downside to simply misdirect a Merc to prove yourself. Merc doesn’t need feedback and would totally claim the message to BD to confirm you.


Make your case. Why SHOULD it effect neutral support?


If it doesn’t effect Neutral Support it shouldn’t effect the Inquisitor either, as he would easily give the info to BD to help him catch the Sorc


Oops. Forgot about Inquisitor. Yea one sec.




I could just imagine the spy going YEET here


I dislike omniscient abilities. All abilities should have risk involved.


This one can’t and still be useful. It’s only use is in how it doesn’t effect non-scum thus making it so that if you figure out that you have effected someone that you have found a scum.