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[Class Suggestion] Spy/Saboteur



Blue Dragon Social

Day Ability: Fast response - Intercept or Misdirect will also prevent the visit and it’s effects. You will still get results as if the visit wasn’t prevented (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Intercept - If any Non-BD/Neutral support/special classes visit your target then their results will be replaced with “Your ability was intercepted by a Spy!”. You will get the results they would have gotten. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Misdirect - If target player is a Non-BD/Neutral support/speical class then their results will be replaced with “Your ability was intercepted by a Spy!” (Unlimited)


Unseen Social

Night Ability 1: Misfile - Anyone targeting either of your targets will get feedback as if they targeted the other. Does not count as a visit. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Sabotage - Make your first target think they were redirected to your second (or that someone tried). You will get their original night results. (3 uses)

[Class Suggestion] The Philanderer, an uncomfirmable Blue Dragon Social!
[Class Suggestion] Spy/Double-Agent v2
[Class Suggestion] The Philanderer, an uncomfirmable Blue Dragon Social!

We do need a new bd social indeed. This seems interesting


So you like it then?


Isn’t this a unseen counter tho?


Loving the concept!

Saboteur is a little weak, I would suggest reworking the first ability to “target two players will receive wrong investigation results” and make the ability work like Frame, only instead of framing the investigation target, you “frame” the investigators.

Sabotage seems fine on an Offensive class, but it feels a bit like a giveaway if you’re a Social class, since it makes a Drunk/CW claim weaker. Maybe “Your target will receive incorrect feedback of their abilities used tonight.” or something along those lines? With “incorrect” being tailored to each specific ability? Binary abilities would be easy, but more nuanced abilities could receive specific wrong results.


I like the idea, but it’s too reliant on the cult/unseen. There only needs to be one class which soft counters the evil faction. Just make it so it works on all targets, and give Saboteur one of the abilities since saboteur is a bit weak. Sabotage could be replaced with the reworked misdirect.


That’s just a weaker mind warp though.


Seems fine on a class that can also screw over outed investigative classes. The Apostle needs a stronger ability because their other abilities are more suited towards mimicry.


The problem with making it work on everyone is that is would both ruin is’s value as a fake claim while also making the Ability’s unintuitively weaker. Luckily unlike with Sheriff/Paladin I can make it work on all Scum. So I’ll do that


Stronger actually. But that’s still not good


Remember. Misfile can be used as both a Tailor and a Frame at the same time by swapping a BD and an Unseen. Plus it could also effect Observer and Princess as well (the visits are his results. He would see someone else’s visit results without knowing it.)

And don’t forget about sabatoge’s secondary effect of giving you the original feedback.

You know like: “[x] is not suspicious”


Maybe it could have limited uses then.

That’s better.

Misfile is a bit weak though since it only affects investigations. Maybe it could just swap 2 players feedback or your target’s targets(without them knowing they were swapped)


Few things about that.

1: Swapping only investigations is very powerful. Don’t underestimate it. If you can get a sheriff to accuse a BD then that’s 2 free kills over 2 days with no real suspicion placed on you if you do it right. That can win you a game right then and there more often than not.

2: Regardless it doesn’t need a full rework in order to effect non-invests (I’ll reword it in a second. It was supposed to already work like this). For example if a Knight tries to kill you then there is nothing you can do about that. However if a Butler wants to occupy someone then you can misfile it to someone who is immune and get a false accusation in play.


I feel like the problem is that it relies too much on BD outing themselves? It seems like you could spend a good chunk of the game using your abilities on the wrong targets. Or am I missing something?


Spy’s abilitys don’t interact with BD


Isn’t it noble gossip but better


It denies info from Scum thus artificially introducing holes into their fake claims


No. Not at all


I was talking about the Saboteur, sorry. Spy’s great as it is!


Typo in title Sabatour