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[Class Suggestion] Spiteful King Idea


Spiteful King
Neutral Special
(note that this is the exact same as ek except for win con, ally and who becomes this king)

Passive 1 - Tenacity: Immune to most occupation and redirection abilities. Can talk at all points during a trial.

Day Ability 1 - The Royal Finger: Your next nomination for treason will count twice.
Day Ability 2 - Decide Fate: Decide an accused player’s fate.

Night Ability 1 - Guards!:Have a guard protect you tonight. You will be immune to death for the night. (2 uses)
Night Ability 2 - Allies:(STARTING KING GETS 2 EXTRA USES) Discover a player’s faction. Does not count as visiting. (1 use)

Win Condition: Defeat the blue dragon and survive three days or until the end of the game.

Fool, Scorned and Sellsword become this king, SK/EK/GK as starting kings is 20/15/55


I like it but fool and scorned should become their own king


I don’t feel it’s different enough from Evil King


reason i dont think fool and scorned really need to be specific kings is it’s a bit too complicated, this idea really is only to help nk/neuts and the fact that it’s a bit anticlimactic that you can play as a class that’s negative utility to bd, then become positive utility to bd.


It’s not really that complex. Different factions already become different Kings, so it shouldn’t be that confusing to have neuts keep their win condition. I agree that neuts shouldn’t be able to escape their win con though.