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[Class Suggestion] Smith/Forgeman (Blue Dragon/Unseen Support)


The Smith is a blue dragon support that aids his allies not by healing them, but instead by offering them death immunity as well as occupation immunity through his various abilities. He functions by creating armour during night time, and simply giving the armour to allies during the day. Both chestplate and gauntlets can be active on one target at a time. It is possible to give a single target both a chestplate and gauntlets. If the smith dies, his active chestplate and gauntlets will be removed from their targets.

The smith starts with no chestplates or gauntlets to give. He cannot give either of them to the king. People are not notified when they are given a chestplate or gauntlets.

Passive: Smith’s Chestplate
The smith is immune to death once. This passive is kept if your class changes.

Day Ability 1 - Give Chestplate
Select a player to give a Chestplate to. They will gain death immunity ONCE, until you give the chestplate to somebody else.

The person wearing the chestplate will not be notified that they were defended by one, if they are attacked.
The Smith will be notified if the chestplate was used up.

Day Ability 2 - Give Gauntlets
Select a player to give Gauntlets to. They will gain occupy/redirection immunity until you give the Gauntlets to somebody else.

The person wearing the Gauntlets will not be notified that they were defended by them, if somebody tries to occupy them. The smith won’t be notified, either.

Night Ability 1 - Forge Chestplate
Gain an additional chestplate to give. (infinite use)

Night Ability 2 - Forge Gauntlets
Gain an additional pair of gauntlets to give. (infinite use)

The Forgeman - Unseen Support
Being converted means that the Forgeman will steal whatever he can from the royal armory, offering them to assist his Unseen brotherhood.

Night Ability 1 - Unholy Chestplate
Give an unseen member death immunity for the night. (infinite uses)

Night Ability 2 - Dark Gauntlets
Give an unseen member occupy/redirection immunity for the night. (3 uses)

The smith is a type of healing-ish class, but must make up for his inability to heal bleeds and heal the king. He functions as a sort of sheriff-scout-type healer, where he places his chestplate and gauntlets on allies, with the ability to switch them around accordingly. If targets die while wearing either piece of armour, the Smith must quickly remake them and give them to other, trustworthy people. Proper decision making is key while playing this class.

Court Wizard Enchanter Rework

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Shouldn’t it just say “attacked but immune” or “occupied/redirected but immune” in either situation thus making it identical to natural or more importantly other forms of temporary immunity? Ex: An offensive class would not know if it was armor or empower that saved them. Just that it was one of those


Honestly just have these directly give/move the equipment and not have the day abilities. Optionally make it not give the immunity the night it’s used to have it on the same timetable


Fun fact. If you made the day abilities produce the equipment and a single night ability to give it to someone. And then gave him tornado then this would make him a decent CW rework



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Fixed that problem. The person being attacked/occupied won’t be notified that they were saved by armour. Just normal notification of being immune.


FYI I stole your idea. It’s mine now and I’m not giving it back