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[Class Suggestion] Plague Spreader


Plague Spreader
Neutral, Killer
Win condition: Live to see all BD and Unseen/Cult die.

Infected: Infection must be healed before bleeds or attacks can be healed. Players are not notified when infected. An infected player can be infected again.

For years you have worked as the Court Physician, but recently you were infected with a fatal strain of the Plague after treating several careless and arrogant courtiers. In dying rage, you’ve sworn to bring the decadent court down with you.

Passive ability 1 - Disgraced Physician: Investigative classes will see you as Support. Immune to Bleeding.

Day Ability 1 - Nick Skin: Bleed your target (Infinite uses)
Day Ability 2 - Expert care: Heal a target tonight (can target self). Succeeds even if Infected (3 uses).

Night ability 1 - Apply Infected Bandages: Infect a bleeding target. (Infinite uses)
Night ability 2 - Overdose: Target will be silenced all day tomorrow. (2 uses, cannot target king)
Night ability 3 -

  • Plague development 0: Change this ability to “Plague development 1”. (Infinite Uses)
  • Plague development 1: Newly Infected players infect the first target they visit. Bleeding players infect all targets they visit. Change this ability to “Plague development 2”. (Infinite Uses)
  • Plague development 2: Newly Infected players die after one day and one night. (Passive)