[Class suggestion] New Neutral Classes

I love the Neutral roles.
I want more Neutral roles.
So I decided to make some.

This is my first time making classes, please be gentle.
Feel free to suggest changes to make them more balanced or better in another way.

Royal Vampire

The Royal Vampire

Unique Neutral Special

Royal Blood (Passive) - During elections for a new King, votes for you count twice.

Immortal (Passive) - If you would die, you will lose your Royal Blood passive instead.

Drink Blood (Day) - You gain the Royal Blood passive. Not usable if you already have Royal Blood. (0 uses)

Blood Scent (Night) - Discover target player’s class type if they have Royal Blood. You will know if a player with Royal Blood visited them that night. (∞ uses)

Drain Blood (Night) - Target a player, Occupy them. If they have Royal Blood, you will steal their Royal Blood Passive. They will not be notified. If you already have Royal Blood, you will gain a use of Drink Blood instead. If they do not have Royal Blood, you will die.

Redirect cancels ability
(∞ uses)

Your objective is to survive until there are no other players with Royal Blood alive.

Info: The game will not end if the Royal Vampire is still alive. Cannot spawn with the Pretender.

Lore: Unknown


Awaiting scouts to return with further information…

The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor

Neutral Killerl

Medical Expertise (Passive) - You cannot be infected and you know who all infected players are. You are Death Immune unless you are occupied.

Persistent (Passive) - If there are no infected players left alive and you have no uses of Contagious Breath or Infect left, you will gain a use for both.

Contagious Breath (Day) - Whisper a player, they will be infected. (2 uses)

Epidemic (Day) - Whispers from infected players will infect the target of the whisper for the rest of the day. Cannot be used if you have already whispered that day, you will not be able to whisper for the rest of the day.(1 use)

Infect (Night) - Target a non-infected player, infect them. (3 uses)

Quarantine (Night) - Target an infected player, occupy them and all players visiting them.(∞ uses)

Your objective is to eliminate both major factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Info: Players can be healed from infection. Players are only notified when they become infected after they have been infected for an entire night. infected players cannot be Death or Bleed immune and they will die after 2 nights (This is not considered an attack). Every non-infected player who visits or is visited by an infected player who has been infected for an entire night will become infected.



A Physician gone insane from having to disect the bodies of all the grisly murders and brutal deaths in Castle Adiart. After hearing rumors of the black plague from other kingdoms, he finally snapped and decided to cleanse the castle with a plague of his own creation.

The Terror

The Terror

Neutral Killer

Nightmare Fuel (Passive) - If you do not use your night ability, anyone visiting you will be occupied.

Shadow Form (Passive) - You are immune to occupation and redirection abilities. You are Death Immune.

Paralyze (Day) - Silence a player and prevent their voting for the rest of the day. You will not be Death Immune tonight.(2 uses)

Vivid Nightmare (Day) - Target a player, they will not be able to use their night abilities tonight (2 uses)

Scared To Death (Night) - Kill a player, they cannot be healed. (∞ uses)

Your objective is to eliminate both major factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



A Being born from the fear and anxiety caused by the brutal murders and sinister intentions in Castle Adiart.

The Patrician

The Patrician

Neutral Special

Royal Blood (Passive) - During elections for a new king, votes for you count twice.**

Nobility (Passive) - You start the game with 8 gold. If you are attacked, you will use 2 gold to occupy the attacker, unless you were protected. If another player visits you, you will gain 1 gold.

Loyalty Bonus (Day) - Use 2 gold to force a player to vote and prevent them from further voting. Costs 3 gold if used on the King. (∞ uses)

Silence Is Golden (Day) - Use 1 gold to silence a player for the rest of the day. Does not prevent voting. (∞ uses)

Extra Hours (Night) - Use 2 gold to target two players and use the ability first target used on the second target. Will not work if the first target’s ability targets more than 1 player and will not work if the first target is unique.

Diplomatic Immunity (Night) - Use 3 gold to make votes to pardon you count twice the next day. Not usable until N3.

Your objective is to survive until the end of the game with a least 1 gold remaining. You will gain 10 gold for every additional gold you survive with.



A noble from another kingdom who only wanted to pay a visit to Castle Adiart, who must now use his riches to escape from it and its grisly murders alive and still be able to afford transport back to his kingdom.

What’s the objective of the Vampire?

Forgot to add that, added it now.

Your objective is to survive until no living players (except yourself) have Royal Blood.

What does being infected actually do tho?

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No need to have “most”. Nothing bypasses occ/redirect immunity anymore

It does nothing, just a status like being a heathen. I can change it though.

It has to do something. Otherwise there is no reason for anyone to care

Like. As a BD, why would I not want the Plague Doctor to win?

Removed “most”.

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Does the Royal Vampire have to also get the King killed? Or does it not count? Also, if the Terror is occ immune, It will likely out him. Especially the “occ anyone visiting you” will out him. I do not like this part. Also that occ immune killers can kill him. I don’t know what I would do to change this, because without it it’s not really unique.

The Royal Vampire does not need to see the starting King killed, I don’t know if a royal keeps their Royal Blood when they become King, but if so, they’d need to kill that King or make them lose their Royal Blood.

I’ll try to think of something for the “occupy anyone visiting you part”.

Right, I’ll try to think of something, any ideas?

The infected die after X days?

Maybe they will appear to be S/I, Neutral or they won’t appear to be visiting?

It’s hard to think of something that won’t immediatly be noticed, but isn’t also over- or underpowered.

Wouldn’t that make it a Neutral Killer?

The infected die after 3 days, they will only be notified the next night, but they can still be healed by a Physician.

They still need to see everyone as infected and for all healers to die (including alchs)

This way the PD can still get people infected, but it would be harder

Another idea could be that whenever there aren’t any infected alive, you automatically gain a use of Infect if you had none before. Players who are immune to bleeding before being infected will also have to die if they aren’t infected after.

I’ve changed it to this:

they will die after 3 nights (This is considered an attack and can be healed, but bypasses Death Immunity.)

for now.

Infected players cannot gain immunities or be healed

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