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(Class Suggestion) Lunatic



Faction - neutral
Type - Special

Passive 1: Unstable Mind -If anyone attacks you than you will attack them as well. You are also death immune once

Day ability 1: Going insane -Let out a devious laugh making the court go crazy. Everyone’s name will appear as anonymous for the rest of the day, this includes whispers and voting as well. (2 uses)

Day ability 2: in your head - select two players. The first player will send the message and the second player will revive it as a whisper. After selecting two players then a box will show up where you can type a whisper and it will appear as the first player is whispering to the second. (Unlimited uses)

Whisper TB pretty much

Night ability 1: crawling my way inside - select a player,you will receive all feedback that the selected player did that night and who he visited (unlimited uses)

Night ability 2: Trickster - select a player, any night action that will be performed on you will be switched to selected player. The player will also be framed that night making them appear as unseen/cult or killer/offense depending on who investigates them(4 uses)

Win condition - survive To see the BD fall

Alternate ability:

Day ability 1: Going insane - Let out a devious laugh making the Prince go insane. He will jail the same player as he did the previous night and will not be able to talk during the night. (can not be used day 1) (2 uses)