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[Class Suggestion] Inn Keeper/Tavern Keeper - Blue Dragon Offensive/Unseen Support


so you don’t




really you practically copied me and LOLZ1337 from our class suggestion [Class Suggestion] The Innkeeper/The Landlord - Support/Support (50% credit to LOLZ1337)


1: Haven’t seen your class
2: This class is nothing like the class you just linked me. The secondary is only similar is broad strokes


still mad


About what?


What makes this different from occupation?(Besides affecting investigatives, but that is not enough).

Why did you put else? That makes it confusing.

Isn’t this just a weaker protection? The only advantage it has is targeting non-unseen and working against non-visitors.

Everything else is good.


Doesn’t impact anyone that isn’t an occupier/redirector/killer/converter, doesn’t inform the target, can be bypassed by death immunity bypass, can’t be bypassed by occupy immunity and it can block more than one of the same effect on the same person. So if the Assassin and NK attack the same person then Counter offer on the Assassin will block the NK’s attack as well.

Because you don’t do the effect on yourself

Side graded. For one it stops occupy/redirect, it doesn’t block positive effects such as heal, it’s quieter, it can be used to prevent some confirmation methods for the Inn Keeper and it is paired with Sieze which can effectively give it more uses if needed