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[Class Suggestion] Inn Keeper/Tavern Keeper - Blue Dragon Offensive/Unseen Support


Wait I would make its first night Ability not able to target the same person twice in a row


Why not?


To prevent that 1 v 1


Does reap make it immune to reap?


I mean gathering darkness


2 times in a row makes sense outside of endgame. It’s a big nerf to solve a small problem


No. It would make them immune to death which gather darkness would then bypass


I could of sworn his night ability 1 was actually a day Ability tho tbh


Would it make a person immune to being healed?


No. The ability lists what it can do


That could be interesting to use on an alchemist evil siding






Yeah but I read makes them immune to effects but I guess that would make it not good


I’m looking for that glaring problem but I can’t find it why


Cuz you assume that all problems are glaring


Can we just throw this into fol and see how it does


Not the person to ask about that. However it should work just fine in that setting




does this affect the inn keeper themselves?