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[Class Suggestion] Inn Keeper/Tavern Keeper - Blue Dragon Offensive/Unseen Support


Btw if anyone has a better suggestion for the class names I’m open to it.

Trust me, Inn keeper is in fact offensive and not support

Inn keeper

Blue Dragon Offensive

Night Ability 1: Counter offer - Anyone target player visits is immune to target players effects tonight. Can grant immunity to death, occupy, redirection and conversion. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Bribe - Anyone else visiting target player will be occupy, redirect and death immune tonight. Can target self (3 uses)

Tavern Keeper

Unseen Support

Day Ability: Invigorating injection - The Assassin will bypass death immunity tonight (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Fund - Target player will be death, occupy and redirect immune tonight (3 uses)
Night Ability 2: Sieze - If target player dies tonight and has at least 3 remaining uses of limited use ability’s then all Unseen members will gain a use of all limited use ability’s besides 2 for 1 and bleed (1 uses)

Note: Sieze effects itself. Also none of these ability’s have any feedback whatsoever


Tavern Keeper

Inn Keeper?


What would the Unseen version be in that case?


I have no idea what an evil tavern keeper is




Inn Keeper=Bd

Tavern Keeper=Unseen


What’s that?


Against the cliche



Do it


It has been done. Like the abilities themselves?


Does the tavern ability also gain a use if successful?


Yes. Sieze can be used until it fails effectively


okay it’s cool the weird thing is they both seem underpowered but if you think on a moment it’s super useful


More importantly he can be fake claimed


I would make bribe acfually heal them instead of give death immunity. Circle of death I think should counter it


Circle of death doesn’t bypass healing either you know


Ffs why


I think the ability is actually cool as if you tell everyone to visit the prince you just gave the assassin occupy immunity and death immunity


IDK. But the way it is set up Bribe is great for use along side protectives or killers


(not that this helps him when he’s dealing with a physician. Still useful against Butler/Drunk for that assassin)