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Class Suggestion: Enchantress (Neutral Support ) & Corruptor (Unseen Social)



Neutral Support

Passive - Enchanted: Death Immune once. You will keep this passive even if your class changes.

Night Ability 1 - Enchant: Make a player Death Immune for the night. Not usable until Night 2. (Inf uses)
Night Ability 2- Scrolls: Discover a players faction and class type. Affected by frames and tailors. (3 uses.)

Goal: Save any player twice using enchant.

convertable neut into corruptor


Unseen Social

Day Ability - Corrupted Box: Make it look like a player says something. They will not see the message. (3 uses)

Night Ability 1 - Curse: Frame a player and anyone who visits them for tonight. (Will not frame unseen players.) (3 uses)
Night Ability 2 - Hex: Transfer an unseen member into another players body, the selected player must die for this to go through. The unseen will know their class at the end of the night. (1 use)

Goal: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek you harm.

If you’re confused on how hex works, it works like old disguiser from town of salem, except the player moving bodies can be any unseen member.

If you don’t know how old disguiser works in town of salem, basically, you’re making any member of the unseen poss jump into another player, however, the person you’re poss jumping into

Any player saved by the enchantress will be notified
“The Enchantress saved you from dying last night.”

Additionally, If the enchanted player was an offensive class then they will get the notification
“The Enchantress or Court Wizard saved you from dying last night.”


So a Neutral that gets converted to Unseen? Wut?


yep a convertable neut


Huh. So is this considered a healer? Like physician and Alchemist?


It’s not a healer, as it makes players death immune.


Huh. I’ll read the abilites quick.


I would change it so it doesn’t carry over, and you lose it once you fulfil you goal. That makes it more balanced, considering that his ability is really strong, except against death immune bypassing abilites.


First convertable neut since merc. Noice.


I would add a cooldown after successful protects.


Why would you ever use scrolls?


player is BD offensive.

Seems good.