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Class Suggestion - Death Bringer (Neutral Killer)



Why are people punished for executing scum. Doesn’t make sense especially since they lost if they are executed


Its random, so chill out, just some punishment for court to exe him.


except court shouldn’t be punished for executing scum


Getting killed for killing scum is dumb. Why do you think poacher doesn’t kill their accuser?


That just makes it even worse!!!


I’m fine with this class as long as you remove that


Ok ok, jesus, chill out


you haven’t faced the horrors of an all jester game


Revenge Virus changed to
+Discover Infected(Passive); If you get killed before D4, a random Infected will get their class announced to the court. MM will be showed up as Sheriff.

Deadly Virus now can target king.


So basically the plaguebringer from ToS…


it’s nowhere near that it doesn’t transform into a new class.


also make this unlimited 1-2 night cooldown. should always have a way to kill NGL.


Sorry to Necropost, thought this would be a cool class.

Infected Trigger(Night) - Trigger all Infected, killing them. Bypass night immunity. 3 Use

I dislike the bypassing Night Immunity. Theres too many bypass skills already. Otherwise its a workable class. Id say make it less of an NK role and more of a Neutral Support role. Get rid of this as a kill abil, and instead trigger the infected to all be occupied (With puking or whatever symptoms). You could make this skill bypass occupation Immunity if you give it limited uses (and make them no longer infected after the use). Give him the success condition of infecting everyone left alive, and also make anyone visiting him get infected.

(just my 2c…)

So maybe more like this.

Death Bringer Neutral Support

Protector Virus (Passive) - Immune to death at night, immune to most occupation and redirection. Also immune to pốined, bleeding and Infect.

Discover Infected (Passive) - If you get killed before D4, Those infected will be occupied that night as they purge the virus.

Infected (Day) - Infect a player, anyone who has Infect will be marked. Anyone get visited by Infected player will also get Infect. Anyone visiting the Death Bringer will be infected. Infected can be cured but wont be noticed by Healer or Infected player. (Infinite Uses)

((Deadly Virus(Day) - Make a player poisoned badly, they will not know they was poisoned and will die in 2 nights. Can use Day 1. 3 Use)) Id delete this ability.

Activate Virus (Night) - Make all infected and others who visited them unhealable for the night. 1 Night cooldown. 2x Uses

Trigger Infected (Night) - Occupy all infected. Bypasses Occupy Resistance. 2x Uses.

Hide Virus (Night) - A random person who does not have the virus will contract it tonight. (Infinite Uses)

Win Condition - All living players must have contracted the Virus. (Im tired and couldnt think of another win condition).