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Class Suggestion - Angel [Neutral Special]


FoL Changes Thread

Heals generally do not give feedback, regardless of whether or not the target was attacked


This is not Heal, you are taking it wrong
Also this is made so everyone could know Angel is in th game


I use heal as the general word for protecting
Chronomancer doesn’t get results and he doesn’t heal, only delay


What is the point of Angel wings?


Way too easy. This is basically a support that needs to protect successfully once and loses one chance at that with Goddess Light.


How about this then?


Then the ability is useless for the neutral itself to use…? It’s similar to a survivor gaining an investigative ability for instance. It’s not an ability supporting the class in attaining its goal.


Occupation, Redirection, Jailiation, Tornadoiation, etc…


Ah. That makes sense now.


Then i will rewind the chance and made it need 3 successful protected


How about this? Instead of having to protect 3 people, he has one target that he has to keep alive to the end of the game to win. Although if you did that you might want to change up the abilities and stuff.


This would be a good friendly neutral to have in the game, however you already broke the rules for what defines a good neutral.

You can only have 1-2 of these and not 3 for it to be a good neutral
Helpful to BD

You need to get rid of the confirmability in this class and you need to get rid of the second night Ability. It takes almost zero skill to use, I would suggest making the second night Ability being able to guard 3 people that night.

You have been attacked but you have been Blessed” it should instead be you were attacked but you were healed. It reduces confirmability of a useful neutral class. Better yet is giving no feedback but I’ll doubt they will add this into the game if it has no feedback.


That would just go as old Merc.