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[class suggestion] Acolyte - Cult Killer



Cult Killer
Passive: Blood Shield - Death immune once

Day Ability: Curse - bleeding players will be unhealible tonight (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Judgement - If the Cult Leader fails to convert someone for any reason then you will bleed their target (3 uses)
Night Ability 2: Rampage - Remove target players immunity’s tonight (2 uses)

Converted from Knight and Hunter

Non-Apostle Cult converts need buffs

Damn so many Acolytes and Cult still get fucked. PepeHands


Does this work on sacrifice?


It doesn’t


oh look its acolyte


IMO the passive isn’t needed


But it is wanted


Wait bypassing death immunity is screwing over NK’s

What about healing?


So is Frenzy which does the same thing but better


Example:Sorcerer can kill people infinitely so let’s give scorned 2 shot kills.

I mean IMO it should only bypass healing


What do you mean Just? It ONLY bypasses death immunity


Tin Foil:Acoylte will never be balanced, therefore not everyone will agree on it.

Just get acolyte in the game somehow nuke I believe in you


Maybe a day ability allowing yourself to be bled or a passive allowing CL to make members or the cult bleed. This would allow Cult to claim they are bleeding to either find out if there is any healers left or to try to blend in


this looks a lot more support then killer


Or you could just claim bleeding. And lie


If someone calls you out the claim incognito physician


This should just prevent all positive effects tonight instead to make it less niche.

This should just remove your immunities and disable your target’s passives until the end of the next night to make it less niche.

Other than that it is good.


That would have the reverse issue. And I already made it less niche than my initial suggestion by changing the wording (the player is unhealable rather than the bleeding)

Actually a good idea (at least the immunity part, removing passives could be a little too much) but probably not for the reason you think


And what’s that?

Tbh I actually want to rework Happy Hour so it works like this and has unlimited uses.

The passives part is to give counterplay to the prince(at least for now) and to make the fool less harmful in cult games.


Too broad. Also vague