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[Class Suggestion]A new BD Class,Marker


Marker,a BD class

Passive-Conversion immune for 2-3 nights

Day Ability 1 -(1 use)Kill all marked people this night.
Night Ability 1- (x) uses select 2 people(Cannot target king or himself) and if they aer visited by any class AGAINST BD(includes ss,excludes merc etc.) mark the visitors.

You don’t know if you marked someone and they don’t know either. you don’t stop conversation & killing.
my first idea so can do some tweaking, changes etc.


Pilot on board, welcome back.

First 3 nights?
Also Conversion Immunity on BD is not really Favorable in my opinion, but let’s see how the rest of your class turns out.

So… Single Use Arsonist basically?
I’d recommend putting a penalty in case of killing BD, like Knight’s Cold Steel and Prince’s Execution.
Also does it bypass anything? Like Death Immunity?

This seems OP for Infinite Uses. I’d recommend just making it only work on Unseen/Cult.

Basically I’d remove the conversion immunity, as it seems kind of out of place with this class, and maybe change the Night ability to only target Unseen/Cult.


so,yeah you can remove conversion immune and add something else,

there is no penalty for killnig bd because basically you cannot

and night ability only adds nk and ss, only 2 classes, doesn’t change much actually but the fact that you do NOT know if you marked someone and you do NOT mark the people you select, only the visitors, and when you use your day ability you are pretty much useless, so it is like a gamble


oh and well it doesn’t bypass night immunity so it would only be effective against reaper as nk, other nks won’t be affected


I found this class’ picture


this class flavorwise also doesnt fit.

I do like the concept but we need massive tweaking almost to a point that it wouldnt be the same class.

Also Scorned can Mark people.


I may be hypocritical to say this.

sorry for being negative.
but i think this could be the worst class suggestion ive ever seen…


ill list my personal flaws:

  1. unessecary convert immunity
  2. boring flavor and unfitting name to go with it.
  3. no convert specified.
  4. boring to play and abilities are swingy
  5. not unique?
  6. no classtype


swingy: can be awful or can be really good depending on what happens


like I said this is my first class suggestion and IT KILLS PEOPLE so it is killer. I haven’t think of the converted version and like I said the developers could do tweaking which makes it unique etc. and scorned mark isn’t related to this kind of mark, and yeah it is meant to be awfull or gamechanging


i mean.

we all do start somewhere.


sorry man.

I was a little too harsh because I was pissed at irl shit at the time


I’d like to suggest this flavorwise.

Rename marked to Painted.